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The smart way to map and understand spaces

The old tools didn’t fit into a new, digital world  

We live in a data driven world. Our lives are full of data, and each day we create more. The team at GeoSLAM knew there had to be a way to digitalise 3D data capture, but make it faster, easier, and make it possible to scan places that would have been impossible to scan before. The old tools were blunt.  

GeoSLAM brought mobile 3D data capture to market in 2013 in a joint venture with CSIRO with the launch of the ZEB1, the first handheld SLAM scanner powered by a smart algorithm that continues to develop and become more intelligent each time it’s used. 

It’s not just capturing the data, it’s what you do with it 

So, you’ve captured some data, now what?  3D geospatial data doesn’t end at the point cloud. The data you’ve captured is only useful if you can learn something from it – take measurements, use it for planning, understanding or build it into a workflow where the possibilities are endless – BIM, As-built, restoration, 3D meshes, making mines safer, research and education. The list goes on. GeoSLAM data can be exported in industry standard file formats, so if you want to use your data as part of a workflow, however simple or complex, you can.  

Connectivity is key

Once you’ve captured your data, you probably want to use it, store it and share it between locations, people and teams. Now you can, with GeoSLAM Connect, our smart data platform. Hours and hours spent processing data are over.

It starts with SLAM

You can read more about SLAM, how it works (and what makes it great) here. The SLAM used by GeoSLAM is unique, the most commercially successful on the market and is constantly learning and improving over time. Our SLAM, known as GeoSLAM Beam, is trusted by some of the world’s greatest and largest companies, and we think you’ll like it too. GeoSLAM’s CT SLAM was developed with CSIRO, the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation. Their portfolio of achievements (as well as creating our CT SLAM) is inventing Wi-Fi, the plastic banknote and long wear contact lenses. Today, they’re GeoSLAM friends, shareholders and advisors.

Head office love it, operators love it…. 

GeoSLAM is made for users. Light weight, easy to use and comes with automatic data processing. Training takes minutes. You won’t get stuck on stairs or walking under doorways either. 

It’s not another piece of technology to get dusty in the corner, there’s thousands of ZEBs in every part of the globe being used every day.  

Sounds expensive?

You can own a GeoSLAM product for less than you might think. Plus, some products can be bought with the GeoSLAM Payment Plan to spread the cost, making it affordable for businesses of all sizes and turnovers.  

After sales as standard

Each ZEB sold comes with at least one year of GeoSLAM Care. That entitles you to unlimited after sales support from our team of engineers and software updates. You’ll also get three years of free hardware warranty, if you remain in a GeoSLAM Care contract.

Where will you go?

From skyscrapers to dense jungle, to deep underground mines, GeoSLAM doesn’t rely on GPS to know where it is. That means you aren’t restricted where you can capture data unlike more traditional ways, where you’re tethered to a tripod or bulky equipment.  

Meet Joe
Customer Success Manager

As a GeoSLAM customer, if you think we can do something better, tell Joe. Joe is here to make sure all users have what they need to succeed with GeoSLAM.

We’ll go the extra mile

The GeoSLAM team are a dedicated bunch with deep industry experience and an absolute drive to make geospatial data collection easier and smarter. We’ll always go the extra mile for our customers, because we care. 



GeoSLAM was born from it’s sister company, 3D Laser Mapping who were founded in 1999. 3D Laser Mapping are one of the first companies in the world selling laser scanning hardware, headquartered in Nottingham, UK.

The first LiDAR based monitoring software launches


StreetMapper mobile mapping system is launched, the first commercially available mobile LiDAR system.

The first LiDAR based monitoring software launches


Offices open in Johannesburg, South Africa and Perth, Australia.


GeoSLAM launch the ZEB 1, the world’s first handheld mobile mapping system.

Automated stockpile monitoring solution is launched for mining.


The next generation of handheld mapping is launched with the ZEB Revo, this time incorporating a revolving sensor.

Automated stockpile monitoring solution is launched for mining.

Offices open in the United States of America.


GeoSLAM merge with its sister company, 3D Laser Mapping and the ZEB Horizon is launched at Intergeo.

Offices open in the United States of America.


Accessories for the ZEB Horizon are launched, making it the most versatile SLAM technology on the market.

  • ZEB Pano
  • ZEB Discovery
  • UAV mount
  • Car mount
  • Pole + Cradle


Adjust to Control is launched alongside GeoSLAM Care, a simplified after sales package that comes as standard for all ZEB customers.

The ZEB Go joins the ZEB family line up, the lowest cost handheld SLAM ever.


Next generation SLAM processing software, GeoSLAM Connect, launches at Intergeo alongside Remote Access for the ZEB Revo RT and a new UAV mount for the ZEB Horizon.

Meet the leadership team

Dr Graham Hunter

Dr Graham Hunter

Chief Executive Officer

Andy Parr

Andy Parr

Chief Finance Officer

Ric Durrant

Ric Durrant

Chief Technology Officer

Dr Neil Slatcher

Dr Neil Slatcher

Chief Product Officer

Grace Tupling

Grace Parker

Chief Marketing and Communications Officer

Kenneth Smillie

Kenneth Smillie

VP Sales GeoSLAM USA, Regional Channel Sales Director

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