Our values

What we stand for

Our pillars of success

We create products that transform industries. And we do that by following three pillars of success:  

1. Phenomenal technology

that is widely adopted across the world, and provides a catalyst for the transformation of the management of the built environment.

2. Cultural values

GeoSLAM is a company we should feel proud of, and where our people are developed to their full potential. We want to always be an employer of choice.  

3. Outstanding financial growth

but not at the expense of pillars 1 and 2.

Our shared values

  • Always behave in a manner where honesty, integrity, transparency and diversity are at the heart of every interaction with colleagues, customers and suppliers.  
  • Embrace a culture where all employees are offered the chance to grow, to develop and to push our skills to the limit. 
  • Aim to be an employer of choice, where people are supported and looked after throughout their time with us. 
  • Ensure we exhibit a high level of commitment and passion in return.