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Events and Webinars

Learn more about GeoSLAM at events

Visit GeoSLAM at one of our many events around the world.

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Live Webinars

Get more from your point cloud data with GeoSLAM Connect

Thursday, 23 March at 3.30pm GMT

This session covers:

  • Introduction to GeoSLAM Connect
  • What is SLAM?
  • Why use GeoSLAM Connect?
  • New features of Connect 2.3 including; Adjust to Control updates, reflective target georeferencing, reflective target alignment, ZEB Vision calibration and access to My GeoSLAM in the Connect interface.
  • Q&A

5 versatile ways to collect 3D data using handheld LiDAR

Thursday, 23 March at 5pm GMT

This session covers:

  • What is mobile mapping?
  • Meeting the ZEB family of scanners
  • 5 ways to collect data with accessories including; UAV, vehicle, backpack, mounting pole, cradle, guard and remote access.
  • About GeoSLAM
  • Q&A

GeoSLAM – A maneira inteligente de mapear e compreender os espaços

Thursday, 20 April at 3pm BST

This session covers:

  • História
  • SLAM – O que é?
  • Por que ganhamos?
  • GeoSLAM Connect
  • Integrações
  • Linha ZEB
  • Acessórios
  • GeoSLAM Mining / Building
  • GeoSLAM Draw
  • Q&A

To watch on-demand webinars please visit our resources page.


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