This section introduces you to GeoSLAM Hub, the complete solution for processing GeoSLAM data. The latest version of 5.2.1 allows you to process your ZEB Family data in one place.  It is available to download here.

GeoSLAM Hub is available as a free viewer where a license is not required. Import any already processed .geoslam file by dragging and dropping. The free viewer is useful for anybody who is collaborating on a project to add notes, visualise data and export the point cloud 

GeoSLAM Hub is a licensed software and a license is provided with every GeoSLAM ZEB solution. Licenses are activated via a code which is provided on a USB stick provided with every new kit. To activate a license, open GeoSLAM Hub when connected to the internet, navigate to the status tab and press the ‘install license’ button. This will bring up the activation form dialogue box where you can enter your activation code. Once activation is complete you have access to the full functionality of GeoSLAM Hub.