GeoSLAM announces distribution agreement with Cansel in Canada

Grace Tupling

GeoSLAM is pleased to announce their growing global distribution network has added another distribution partner in Canada, Cansel.

Headquartered in Vancouver, Cansel will distribute the full line of GeoSLAM’s SLAM based handheld lidar mapping products throughout their vast number of retail outlets across Canada. Cansel’s intimate knowledge of the Canadian indoor and outdoor mapping market will allow Cansel’s customers to be exposed to the market leading global SLAM based mapping products from GeoSLAM Ltd.

GeoSLAM NAFTA Channel Manager, Robby Dudley said;

“We are excited to have a professional organization like Cansel join our global distribution partnership.  Both companies are global leaders in their respective positions in the land-based measurement market. With Cansel’s national team of professionals and GeoSLAM’s leading handheld 3D SLAM technology this is a natural evolution for both companies. This partnership will continue to expand Cansel’s dominant market presence in Canada and GeoSLAM to continue its leadership in the global 3D SLAM handheld scanner market.

Martin Trudelle, Vice President for Geospatial Business at Cansel said;

“We are excited with the opportunities this new product offering represents for the surveying and mapping community in Canada. GeoSLAM’s ZEB-REVO is cutting edge technology. This lightweight, revolving handheld scanner can collect 40,000 points per second with integrated video to add contextual imagery to the 3D scan data. This is perfect for our customer base. They’ll be able to model building interiors, document traffic accidents and crime scenes, map underground mine networks and complete utility inventory surveys with a greater amount of detail than ever.”

Available for order immediately, Cansel is offering the GeoSLAM ZEB-REVO throughout Canada through tailored solutions to fit its customers’ specific applications. Cansel will also be offering this product through its BuildingPoint Canada and SolidCAD subsidiaries. This partnership with GeoSLAM dovetails perfectly with both companies’ vision to further empower the 3D measurement community and to meet the demands of a rapidly maturing scanning market.