GeoSLAM Announces Global Distribution Agreement for 3D Reshaper & PointCab

Harriet Brewitt

After numerous requests from customers, GeoSLAM are happy to announce the addition of Technodigit’s 3D Reshaper and PointCab to their product range, after signing distribution agreements with both companies. This important step now enables us to offer complete end-to-end solutions for your project.

3D Reshaper allows post-processing of your registered pointcloud, including;

Clever reduction – keeping only the best points to reduce file sizes
Automatic segmentation
Automatic noise measurement reduction
3D comparison with a mesh or a CAD model
Best geometric shape extraction
And many more

3D Reshaper is suitable for a vast range of applications, including the production of digital terrain models (DTMs), architecture/BIM modelling, mine and quarry volume calculations, and civil engineering projects.

For more information on 3D Reshaper visit their website: www.3dreshaper.com

Needing to rapidly produce 2D layouts from 3D data? Then PointCab may be the solution for you. The PointCab Suite is fully compatible with GeoSLAM’s data, enabling entire project scans to be opened within seconds. From here, it’s a simple case of choosing section and plan lines to instantly create layouts, sections and elevations. 2D functions included within the Suite include:

PhotoMatch – match high-resolution images onto sections and layouts
Sketch – create measurements of angles, distances and surfaces
Vectorizer – vectorize plans from the point cloud data
Profiler – create profile lines in an elevation model of the point cloud

However there is more to PointCab than simple layouts. Analysis of accident/crime scenes, monument protection, landscape planning, civil engineering, road construction are all possible with this versatile software.

For more information on PointCab, visit their website: www.pointcab-software.com

About 3D Reshaper

3D Reshaper is developed by Technodigit, a French company which has been a part of the Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence group since 2009. Technodigit specialises in digitization and 3D modelling, reverse engineering, surface reconstruction and control.

About PointCab

PointCab is a German company, which was formed in 2010, with the objective of optimizing the workflow of terrestrial laser scan data into registered point clouds. After the release of the first version in summer 2010, the software is now on its 3rd version, with additions such as surface meshing, volume calculation, ‘ortho photo’ views and the growing market of drone and handheld scanner data.