What is Geospatial Business Intelligence?

Harriet Brewitt

In a nutshell – Geospatial Business Intelligence is geospatial information that allows companies to make better decisions.

"Business Intelligence" is a widely used management term which refers to the applications and technologies available that gather and analyse data about the company’s operations. Managers are therefore able to make more informed decisions about the current and future aspects of the company by understanding historical trends and operations.

The term "Geospatial" is used to define data and the associated technology that has a geographic or locational component – such as coordinates, address, city or postal code. When you combine Geospatial data with Business Intelligence, your result is improved decision making which can lead to new revenue opportunities, improved cost visibility, and better risk management.

There are many systems and sensors on the market that can capture geospatial information – we believe that the real value lies in the end result – this is why we sell solutions and not just products.