Taking care to save costs and minimise disruption without compromising accuracy

Last Updated on 27th April 2021

Today’s surveyor needs to quickly and accurately capture, manage and utilise 3D spatial information – often in environments where there is very limited time on site. Omega Geomatics, a land surveying practice in the UK, took on one such task when they produced 2D floor plans for a nursing home, while the site was occupied 24/7. Paramount was ensuring minimum disruption to residents, while still achieving a high level of accuracy. Measuring 663m2 and with 23 residential rooms, communal and staff areas, the project team needed to find a new surveying method that meant they could walk and scan each resident’s room quickly without the need for traditional survey techniques.

Two surveyors visited the nursing home and coordinated five spheres by the building exits on multiple levels. The surveyors then walked around the building with GeoSLAM’s handheld ’go-anywhere’ ZEB-REVO; so fast and efficient that information from each room was collected in just 10 to 20 seconds. The team took long-distance and height checks, and external scans were used as a further accuracy check. The entire scan took just 30 minutes and the client was provided with accurate 2D plans within 24 hours, notably without any distress or disturbance to residents.

The rapid data collection led to huge cost-saving benefits. With just two team members required for the project and less time expended on site, the overall cost was dramatically reduced. One area that was not diminished was accuracy. The scan achieved an average +/-15mm which met the needs of the client.