Safe as Houses

Last Updated on 27th April 2021

“We chose the ZEB-REVO over other terrestrial scanners because of the speed and volume of data acquisition”

California-based Precision Property Measurements (PPM) were tasked with surveying a vast private house in order to generate accurate as-built construction drawings for renovation. The unique challenge was that the 20,000 sq. ft Santa Barbara residence was occupied at the time, requiring the survey to be completed quickly and in an unobtrusive manner.

The project team opted to use GeoSLAM’s mobile mapping technology, as Director of Survey Technology Greg Davies explains: “We chose the ZEB REVO over other terrestrial scanners for our residential projects because of the speed and volume of data acquisition at exactly the level of accuracy required by our clients”

In order to keep disruption to residents to a minimum, the PPM team decided to tackle the task in two swift scans over two days. The first scan consisted of data collection of the extensive ground floor and communal areas, and took around 90 minutes to complete. The private, bedroom wing was off limits on this day. The second scan incorporated these sleeping quarters, as well as gathering plenty of overlap from the lower floors to enable the 2 scans to be merged. After just 140 minutes of scanning, the entire house had been surveyed.



After less than 2 and a half hours’ scanning, the survey team had a complete set of data for producing detailed and accurate floor plans. The same information collected with a static scanner would have taken 1-2 days to complete.


A typical residential property of this size would have usually taken around 4 days on-site for one surveyor. PPM were able to slash this time and complete the majority of the survey work in less than 2 and a half hours with the ZEB REVO Solution.

The use of GeoSLAM Hub software for post-processing and merging of the two datasets allowed the project team to generate a complete digital twin of the complex structure. The question was, would the GeoSLAM solution be suitable for the level of accuracy expected of PPM?

GeoSLAM’s cutting edge mobile mapping technology was able to deliver an accuracy down to the nearest inch.

About PPM 

Precision Property Measurements is a US based company which creates as-built architectural drawings for clients who are looking for a “worry-free” renovation process.

The company completes over 2,000 as-built survey projects per year, for a large array of clients ranging from architects to asset managers to property owners, and has worked with big names such as McDonalds, Chipotle, Walgreens, Marriott and many more.

Precision Property Measurements pride themselves with their ability to supply high-quality as-built services and support. GeoSLAM’s technology slots perfectly into these values by providing solutions for PPM client’s need for quick and accurate sets of as-built plans, without loss of quality to begin their construction designs.