GeoSLAM Volumes launches – stockpile volume analysis for the modern mine

Last Updated on 27th April 2021

Mine operators can now quickly and easily calculate stockpile tonnages within a few minutes. Matthew Bester, mining product manager shares his thoughts as we launch GeoSLAM Volumes.

GeoSLAM Volumes is an end to end way to calculate stockpile mass, instantly turning stockpile point cloud data into actionable 3D information for quick decision making. This is achieved using the ZEB Horizon, which can be used on foot or with a UAV, and GeoSLAM’s market leading SLAM.

Using lightweight and easy-to-use scanners, the innovative solution can capture and calculate complex data, such as the weight and bulk of stockpiles. GeoSLAM Volumes enables material bulk calculations to be made as frequently as required at all stages of the supply chain without disruption to site activity or compromising employee safety.