Demo in a Box

A lot’s changed in a few weeks, including being able to travel to you to show you how much time and effort can be saved by scanning and processing geospatial data with a member of the ZEB family.

That’s why today, we’re launching Demo in a Box. We’ll box up and ship you a ZEB to borrow for a couple of days, so you can scan your house (apartment building or garden shed) process the data and see for yourself the results you can achieve in a matter of minutes. We’ll show you how you can create a floorplan, layouts and sections, use sketch to measure angles, distances and surfaces, or export the data for third-party software such as REVIT.

You’ll have a dedicated GeoSLAM contact to guide you through your first scan, and we’ll send you everything you need, including the return postage.

To read more about Demo in a Box, follow the link below.










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