GeoSLAM technology in the fight against Covid-19

Covid-19 is a global crisis which sees almost every country in the world trying to plan and respond in their own way. Leaders are challenged with preventing loss of life, while keeping the economic and social impacts to a minimum. Technologies have played a huge part in the emergency response to the pandemic.

In this video we talk about how GeoSLAM technology has been utilised in emergency response, such as scanning potential sites for alternative hospitals that are required for the overflow of patients infected from the virus. GeoSLAM’s handheld 3D mapping technology is used to quickly scan a building, create a 2D floor plan or 3D model, without being obtrusive. These scans can identify if a building has the infrastructure and space to serve as an alternative hospital and assist in making quick decisions.

The FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency), have tasked each US state with being proactive in finding their own alternative hospital locations while the virus cases are still low in those regions. Companies in those states with GeoSLAM technology can support by scanning potential hospital sites and having the data ready in case of a possible surge in infections, meaning they can respond quickly.

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GeoSLAM would like to thank all the key workers out there working hard to get us through this difficult time.

GeoSLAM Team