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Q&A with Osvaldo Neira of GeoSLAM Dealer GEOCOM

Last Updated on 25th April 2022

Osvaldo Neira is a Mining Applications Engineer at GEOCOM, a GeoSLAM dealer based in Santiago, Chile. In this Q&A, we explore how GeoSLAM products can be used for underground projects.

Osvaldo Neira

Could you tell us a little bit about GEOCOM and its background?

GEOCOM is a Chilean company that has over 30 years experience of helping professionals to understand and apply geospatial technology in industries such as mining, construction, engineering, forestry, civil works and marine and port infrastructure. As an Applications Engineer in this company, my job is to make our customers life easier, in a way they can improve their processes when they need to capture and process geospatial data.


How long have you been working with GeoSLAM?

We have been working with GeoSLAM for more than 5 years now. I have seen the development of GeoSLAM products from their very start!


What sectors are your customers working in?

We are working mainly with mining companies, specially in underground projects. Surveying in underground environments is very complicated and the ZEB Horizon, fortunately, has become a great solution for this challenge.


What challenges are your customers facing in their industries?

There is a constant “clash” between productivity and precision. Engineers are not open to sacrifice productivity on behalf of precision, and vice versa. This is something we have learnt to adapt, and without any doubts the ZEB Horizon has been a solution to obtain the expected results.

Views of the Santiago Metropolitan Region in Chile

How does GeoSLAM technology help to solve these challenges?

Some of our clients see SLAM technology as magic. That´s exactly how technology should be perceived, if you don’t see it like magic, it’s not really doing its work well. From that perspective, the GeoSLAM products have solved problems that we wouldn’t have been able to face.

What makes GeoSLAM stand out from its competitors?

The innovation of GeoSLAM as a company and its products is really interesting and appealing to us. The maturity their solutions have reached and the constant improvement are helping us to get real, trustworthy and safe solutions.


Take a look at GEOCOM in action here: