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GeoSLAM 2020 Roundup.

Last Updated on 25th April 2022

This year we launched some amazing new products, delivered the ‘Adjust to Control’ feature in GeoSLAM Hub and scanned incredible places along the way – here are just a few of our favourite moments from 2020.

Launch of the Data Viewer

Start as you mean to go on… and we started 2020 with a bang, by releasing the brand-new sample data viewer . Anyone who is interested in seeing GeoSLAM data can now easily view and download data from all of our ZEB systems.

Demo in a box

“Eye spy some GeoSLAM demo in the box! Really cool instrument I’m testing this week.” – Angela Livingston

With Covid-19 making it difficult to provide demos in person, we wanted to give people the opportunity to experience the time-saving power of our products from the comfort of their own home/office – learn all about Demo in a box here!

Here’s some of our customers taking the ZEB Horizon for a test drive.

The ZEB Go

We didn’t stop there… August saw the release of our newest member to the ZEB family, the ZEB Go! The ZEB Go makes handheld laser scanning available to even more people with its lower price. Click here to see how the ZEB Go was used to scan an ancient underground trench, in just 6 minutes.

Hub 6.1 and Adjust to Control

The release of Hub 6.1 brought lots of exciting new features, including the highly anticipated Adjust to Control functionality. This simplifies the georeferencing process by using a reference base and the A2C feature in Hub – learn more about A2C here. Other features of 6.1 include a new version of GeoSLAM Draw and improvements in processing for a better user experience!

The ZEB Horizon gained some new accessories

As if the ZEB Horizon wasn’t versatile enough, we launched amazing new accessories to make your experience even better:

  1. vehicle mount designed for rapid data collection in urban areas – road layouts, features, signage and pavements/sidewalks can be collected in minutes.
  2. The ZEB Locate for georeferencing without the need for external control points.
  3. A new mount which provides more UAV capability, allowing users to mount their ZEB Horizon to Freefly Alta Drones. The mount is compatible with; Alta 8, Alta 8 Pro and Alta X!

BIG Scans

Of course, we couldn’t round off 2020 without showing you some of our favourite scans from the year!

The world’s largest dinosaur, Canada

Canada is home to world’s largest dinosaur, so channel manager Matt Teppler took the opportunity to scan the iconic beast with his ZEB Horizon, T-Rexcellent!

Winchester Mystery House

A mysterious scan… The Winchester Mystery House is a bizarre architectural wonder. Spread over 24,000 sqft with 160 rooms and 40 staircases, this was no mean feat for GeoSLAM!

Read more about the scan here.

The Grand Canyon

Capturing 3 Hectares of data in just 15 minutes, applications engineers Ivona Hubova and Michael Ng had the pleasure of scanning one of the world’s most iconic natural landscapes, the Grand Canyon. Armed with the ZEB Horizon and a sense of adventure, our engineers were able to capture some breath-taking footage.

As another year draws to a close, we wanted to take a moment to wish you all a happy & safe holiday season, and we look forward to seeing you all again in 2021!