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Last Updated on 25th April 2022

Q&A with Boaz Teixeira

Laser scanning specialist at CPE Tecnologia

CPE Technologia

In this Q&A, we speak with Boaz Teixeira, laser scanner specialist at CPE Tecnologia, our Brazil dealer, about how the geospatial market in Brazil is developing and their involvement in one of our recent projects, a scan of Rio de Janeiro’s Christ the Redeemer. 

In your opinion, how is the geospatial market taking shape in Brazil?

Recently, there has been exponential growth in Brazil, and the development of cities across the country is on the rise – advances which will require the right technology to support and aid its progression.

The key challenge is that we have low infrastructure investment rates, so the country will need to quickly develop housing for an expanding population, as well as building energy infrastructure that can support the numbers and improving transportation networks that meet mass demand. Surveyors will play a key role in this development.

While technology is always welcome, there have been some cases of resistance to its deployment in Brazil. GeoSLAM devices, however, have really shown to be a productive and versatile tool, allowing operators here to apply them to almost any sector.

More and more, we are seeing the geospatial market in Brazil developing in line with other countries, which is very pleasing to see as I have no doubt the country will benefit from the detailed information it can provide.

What sectors are your customers working in, and are they facing any particular challenges? 

We have a diverse mix of customers working in the BIM, mining and construction sectors, including topography and oil works.  

Currently there isn’t one single challenge that they are facing. However, the biggest hurdle for many companies has been sourcing the best equipment at a reasonable price. Brazil is a very price-orientated country, so this will always be the most important bias. With GeoSLAM equipment, we’ve found the perfect blend of both quality solutions and cost. The ZEB Horizon, and the results it produced during our scan of the Christ the Redeemer statue, is a testament to the benefits it provides users. 

Why was the Christ the Redeemer statue such a special project to work on for the CPE team?

Simply because it’s one of the most famous monuments in the world. It’s seen on post cards, in TV shows and films, and visited by millions of tourists every year.  

To scan it was a huge privilege, and something I didn’t think would ever be possible as only a select few people have been granted access to the top. To be able to complete such a momentous task with the GeoSLAM team by our side, including Latin America channel manager, Gabriel de Praxedes, made it all the more memorable.  

I’m excited to see just how the technology continues to develop here in Brazil. For more information on the Christ the Redeemer project, click here

Robin Bruna

Boaz Teixeira

CPE Tecnologia | Gerente de novos negócios

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