Last Updated on 3rd June 2021

Mapping a 2 million year old cavern

Scanning in the Peak District

Poole’s Cavern | Buxton, UK

Scanning the Cavern | ZEB Revo RT

Chartered land surveryors, GeoTerra, were invited by the BCRA (British Cave Research Association) to scan the cavern, so they could gain a better understanding of the geological formation. Using GeoSLAM’s ZEB Revo RT, GeoTerra’s goal was to map both areas accessible to the public and the narrow spaces just big enough to crawl through – a system of caves measuring 300metres long and 50metres wide.  

Due to the lightweight nature of the scanner, the team at GeoTerra were able to easily navigate the cavern using the walk and scan method, giving them the freedom to map the main network as well as any tighter or hard to reach areas. Making light work of the cavern, the ZEB Revo RT was able to capture all 15,000 square metres of the cavern in just one hour.

“This project presented a unique opportunity to explore parts of Poole’s Cavern that have previously been rarely visited. GeoSLAM’s handheld, mobile scanning enabled us to carry out the survey in all areas of the cave system, and in record time.”

Mark Hudson

Managing Director, Geoterra

Check out the data flythrough of the main hall in the cavern below

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