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Last Updated on 25th April 2022

Mapping the Future

The Now or Never pod with Willmott Dixon

Now or Never | Willmott Dixon

In September 2020, Willmott Dixon launched a new sustainability strategy, Now or Never, focused on delivering ‘Brilliant Buildings’, ‘Building Lives’ and to enable a ‘Better Plant’. With an overall aim to leave the planet in a better state than when we found it, Willmott Dixon are focusing on supporting people and businesses to thrive, whilst delivering highly sustainable, excellent quality buildings.

Over the next 10 years, Willmott Dixons Now or Never project has ambitious goals to be a zero-carbon company without any offsetting, eliminating fossil fuels from their offices and sites and moving to a 100% electric fleet.

“We have, as a planet, 10 years to halt the increase in temperature globally. It has to be a group wide commitment, otherwise we’re going to fall short, which means that everybody has to play their part to give us a chance of having a planet that’s going to be worthy of handing down to the next generation”

Rick Willmott

Group Chief Executive, Willmott Dixon

The Now or Never Pod | GeoSLAMs Involvement

As part of the Now or Never strategy, Willmott Dixon are working to create a pod for Pixbrook Academy in Stotfold. The pod will act as a small classroom for group work for students, it will incorporate an outdoor classroom for function into the design and it will serve as a mental health space for students post Covid. In addition, it will educate and demonstrate sustainability, as it is going to be designed and built as a net-zero carbon pod.

Working with Carter Accommodation, who are donating an existing used timber textured unit to the project, Willmott Dixon plan to strip back the unit, address any issues with the frame/roof/floor and re-build with more robust materials. The pod is due to be completed and delivered in September 2021 and going forward Willmott Dixon hope to have a standardised design and drawings for possible future roll-outs.

GeoSLAM were invited by Willmott Dixon to be involved with the beginning of this process, by scanning the existing used timber units provided by Carter Accommodation. Using the ZEB Revo RT, Willmott Dixon were able to capture data of all 4 cabins, in 4 minutes, registering over 8 million number of points. Due to the real-time processing, transfer of the data to GeoSLAM Hub was completed in only a few minutes. The data was then exported in GeoSLAM Draw, where the team were able to accurately measure the pre-existing structures.

Robin Bruna

James Vosper

Willmott Dixon | Management Trainee (Supply Chain)