Last Updated on 13th May 2022

The Big SLAM Tour of Europe

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From April to July 2022 we’re travelling the length and breadth of Europe on our Big SLAM Tour of Europe. From the UK, all the way across to Poland, down to Turkey and across to Morocco – and a lot of places in the middle. We’ll be mapping some of our favourite landmarks, doing demos and showing what GeoSLAM can do. For each leg of the journey, we will be joining a local GeoSLAM dealer to share the journey.

Follow our journey below where we’ll be sharing updates and scan data from various locations throughout the tour.

The Tour Begins

When: 4th April 2022

The GeoSLAM team and our dealers are getting excited for The Big SLAM Tour of Europe that begins tomorrow in Poland. What an amazing 6 months this is going to be.

Leg 1 – Poland (5-6th April)

When: 5th April 2022
Rzeszów and Kraków

Local Partner: TPI Sp. o. o.

Today the team are starting the tour in Poland by scanning the Monument to the Revolutionary Action in Rzeszów and The Forum Hotel in Kraków.

Monument to Revolutionary Action
Standing at 38 meters high, Pomnik Czynu Rewolucyjnego (Monument to the Revoluntionary Action) was unveiled in 1974 and is located in Bernardynski Park, Rzeszów. The Monument was designed by Polish sculptor Marian Adam Konieczny. One side is decorated with the symbol of Nike, the representation of victory. The other side includes figures of a peasant, soldier and worker.

The Forum Hotel
The Forum Hotel was designed by the famous architect Janusz Ingarden and construction was completed in 1989. It was in use as a hotel until 2002 and at its time, was one of the most modern buildings in Kraków. The hotel is 110 meters long, about 40 meters high and is now known among locals as the largest billboard in Poland.

When: 6th April 2022

Where: Katowice and Wroclaw

The team are scanning the Spodek Arena in Katowice and Hala Stulecia in Wroclaw.


The Spodek Arena is a multipurpose arena that stands at 32 meters high. It opened in 1971 and remained the largest building of its kind in Poland for 51 years.

Hala Stulecia

A UNESCO World Heritage Site, Hala Stulecia (The Centennial Hall) is a historical building where visitors can learn all about its history, importance and experience an access all areas VR tour. This iconic building was designed by famous architect Max Berg, when the city was still part of the German empire.

Take a look at the team in action below

Leg 2 – Poland (12-14th April)

When: 12th April 2022
Where: Gdańsk and Torun

The team continue the Big SLAM Tour of Europe in Poland and visit Wisloujscie Fortress, Gdańsk and Mina Morska, Torun.

Wisloujscie Fortress

The Wisloujscie Fortress is located by the Martwa Wilsa river, by an old estuary of the river Vistula, in Gdańsk. It is over 700 years old and is built in a variety of architectural styles, predominantly Gothic. This wide-range of construction style is due to different parts of the Fortress being rebuilt each time they were destroyed in battle.

Mina Morska
The area surrounding the Mina Morska is known as The Square of the Naval Officers’ School, at sits at the foot of The Monastery Gate, in Torun. The Square was opened in 2012 and commemorates the traditions of Torun maritime education. The Mina Morska itself is a very large contact sea mine that sits in the center of the Square.

When: 13th April

Where: Poznań and Łódź

On this day, the team scanned Malta Lake in Poznań and Piotrkowska Street in Łódź.


Malta Lake, also known as Maltański Reservoir is an artificial lake in Poland. It has attractions such as an artificial ski slope, artificial ice rink and a narrow gauge railway. The lake also boasts one of the oldest man-made rowing venues in Europe and has held a number of Rowing World Cup events.


Piotrkowska Street is one of the longest thoroughfares in Europe, with a length of 4.2 kilometers. The street runs in a straight line between Liberty Square and Independence Square. It is a major tourist attraction in Łódź and is home to impressive historic townhouses.

When: 14th April

Where: Warsaw

The Polish leg of the Tour concludes in Warsaw, the capital city of Poland.

Kolumna Zygmunta

The Kolumna Zygmunta (Sigismund’s Column) is one of Warsaw’s most famous landmarks and was the first secular column monument in modern history. Standing at 22 meters high, it was originally erected in 1644 to commemorate King Sigismund III Vasa who moved Poland’s capital from Kraków to Warsaw in 1596.


Krolikarnia is a historic Classicist palace that since 1965, has been a museum dedicated to the Polish sculptor Xawery Dunikowski.

Take a look at the team in action below

tpi logo

Leg 3 – Lithuania (20th-22nd April)

When: 20th April 2022

Local Partner: TPI Vilnius

The Lithuanian leg of the Big SLAM Tour of Europe begins in Klaipėda, where the Old Mill Hotel was scanned.

Old Mill Hotel
In the 18th Century, the hotel building was called the ‘Rice Mill’ as it housed Lithuania’s first and biggest rice mill. The Old Mill Hotel was opened in 2008 and it has since become a symbol of Klaipėda.

When: 21st April 2022

Where: Šiauliai and Panevėžys

The tour is continued in Šiauliai and Panevėžys, scanning a Cathedral and Courthouse.

Šv Apaštalų Petro ir Pauliaus katedra

The Cathedral of Saints Peter and Paul in Šiauliai was built in the 17th Century with its spire height at 70 meters. It was built as if adapted to defence, for example the towers of the churchyard gate have shooting holes. The Cathedral is the only one of its kind in Lithuania to have a defensive nature. It was elevated to cathedral status in 1997.

Panevėžio Apylinkės Teismas

This is a three-storey courthouse that is situated in the center of Panevėžys, in Laisvės Square. It was built in 1986 and is one of 12 district courts in Lithuania.

When: 22nd April 2022

Where: Vilnius and Kaunas

The final day of scanning in Lithuania took place in the capital, Vilnius, and Kaunas.

Nacionalinė Dailės Galerija

The National Gallery of Art collects and researches Lithuanian art of the 20th and 21st Century.

Kauno Pilis

Kaunas Castle is one of the first stone castles in Lithuania that was built in the mid-14th Century to defend against the crusaders.

Take a look at the team in action below

tpi logo

Leg 4 – Latvia (26th April)

When: 26 April 2022

Where: Rīga

Local Partner: Trinets

For the Latvian section of the tour, there was a stop at LIDO, Rīga, for a massive day of scanning and presentations.


Founded in 1987, LIDO Leisure Centre has become an integral image of Latvia. It boasts restaurants, an ice skating rink and many attractions, such as a carousel and a Ferris Wheel. The main building of LIDO Leisure Centre is a replica of a windmill and houses a buffet restaurant. This building is considered to be one of the largest log buildings in Europe.

trinets logo

Leg 5 – Bulgaria (28-29th April)

When: 28th April 2022

Where: Varna

Local Partner: Geozona

The Bulgarian leg of the tour began in Varna, with a day of presentations and demonstrations.

When: 29th April 2022

Where: Sofia

The team headed to Bulgaria’s capital city for more presentations at the Hilton Hotel and scanning demonstrations at The National Palace of Culture.

The National Palace of Culture

This local monument was opened in 1981 to mark 1300 years since the founding of the Bulgarian state. The eight storey building is the largest multifunctional complex in Southeastern Europe, standing at 123,000 sq/m. The National Palace of Culture is located in downtown Sofia and is surrounded by a park.

Leg 6 – Denmark (3rd-4th May)

When: 3rd May 2022

Where: Hedensted

Local Partner: Pro-måling

The Danish leg of the tour kicks off in Kildeparken, Hedensted and with presentations and demonstrations.

Where: Vallensbaek Strand

The team gave a seminar and offered a demonstration, and then went on to scan local Scandinavian troll sculptures.

Thomas Dambo’s Trolls.

Artist Thomas Dambo created six different troll sculptures that are hidden throughout forests in Copenhagen’s municipalities. The trolls are made out of recycled wood to raise awareness of upcycling and waste reduction.

pro-maaling logo

Leg 7 – Sweden (5-6th May)

When: 5th May 2022

Where: Gothenburg

Local Partner: Norsecraft Geo Position AB

The Big SLAM Tour of Europe continues in Sweden with a day of seminars and demonstrations in Gothenburg.

When: 6th May 2022

Where: Stockholm

After another day of presentations, the team headed off to Stockholm and scanned both the Red House and Kungsträdgården.


Kungsträdgården (the King’s Garden) is one of the most popular meeting places in Stockholm. The park is divided into 4 parts: Square of Charles XII, Molin’s Fountain, Square of Charles XIII and Fountain of Wolodarksi.

norsecraft geo logo

Leg 8 – Czech Republic (11th May)

When: 11th May 2022

Where: Prague

Local Partner: 3Gon Positioning s.r.o.

Also in partnership with: czBIM buildingSMART Czech Republic

The tour heads to the Czech Republic with presentations, followed by a demonstration in the Church of the Most Holy Saviour, in Prague.

Church of the Most Holy Saviour

The Church is considered to be one of the most valuable early Baroque monuments in Prague. It was built in several stages from 1578-1714.

Leg 9 – Slovakia

When: 12th May 2022

Where: Bojnice Castle

Local Partner: 3Gon Slovakia s.r.o.

For the Slovakian part of the tour, the team visited Bojnice Castle for a seminar and a scanning demonstration of the castle.

Bojnice Castle

Bojnice Castle is a medieval castle in Bojnice and is one of the most visited and beautiful castles in Central Europe. It is also known as the ‘fairy-tale’ castle, and has been used as a location in both films and TV.

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