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Last Updated on 23rd December 2022

Events, Tours, Launches and all of the above – GeoSLAMs Year in Review

It’s been a busy year for GeoSLAM with plenty of product launches, events, and the GeoSLAM Tour of Europe. This blog highlights what the team has been up to this year, across the globe.


Throughout 2022, GeoSLAM has attended a variety of events across the globe, including geospatial, mining, construction and many more. Additionally, we’ve attended supported many of our dealers events in their local countries. Some of these events include:


This year GeoSLAM attended Intergeo in Essen, Germany. We showcased our new partnership with Flyability, as well as the ZEB Horizon RT. The event was a fantastic opportunity to demonstrate SLAM and give talks on the great work we’ve been doing. 

GEO Business

In April, the GeoSLAM team headed to London and GeoBusiness. We were able to present the ZEB Vision to the world and invited fabulous guests like Heliguy to show how our technology could easily be utlitised for mapping from a UAV. 

Geo Week

Back in February we were stateside in Denver, attending the GeoWeek event. We met fantastic people and had the chance to demonstrate SLAM, LiDAR and our technology to North America. 

GeoSLAM Launch in The Maldives

Our most recent event took place in the famous archipelago of Islands, the Maldives. Alongside our new dealer, Foresight Surveyors, we showcased our products to the Maldives live on national TV and over social channels. 

GeoSLAM’s ‘Under One Roof’ Days

In October, most of the GeoSLAM team headed to our Nottingham HQ to attend the ‘under one roof’ team days. During this time, we collaborated on ideas and shared opinions on a variety of topics. This was a great chance for our teams from across the globe to meet face-to-face, in some cases for the first time.

Product Launches

This year GeoSLAM has launched new handheld laser scanners, accessories, and software updates.

ZEB Vision

The ZEB Vision quickly attaches to the ZEB Horizon to capture better than ever colourised data and 360° panoramic images in minutes.

Flyability Elios 3

The launching of Flyability’s Elios 3 brings survey-grade 3D models, when powered by GeoSLAM Connect. A solution to monitor, manage, and map, the most unreachable places.

GeoSLAM Connect

In May we released Connect 2.1 with the new features of data colourisation, immersive walkthroughs, automatic data cleaning and the measuring tool.

Connect 2.2 was released in October and its latest features are manual alignment, exporting data as an E57 file, and queued processing.

ZEB Horizon RT

The ZEB Horizon RT was launched in August and combines our most versatile SLAM system with a real-time data preview so you can see the areas you have scanned whilst still on-site.

The BIG SLAM Tour of Europe

From April to July, we travelled the length and breadth of Europe on our Big SLAM Tour, covering 15 countries in 6 months. The team met local dealers and held presentations & demonstrations for the attendees. Read the full blog here


In April the BIG SLAM Tour of Europe visited Poland, Lithuania, Latvia and Bulgaria for live demonstrations and presentations of GeoSLAM technology.


The tour covered Denmark, Sweden, the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Italy during May visiting some amazing locations and carrying out scans and presentations.


Throughout June the BIG SLAM Tour of Europe was in Belgium and Luxembourg, Turkey, Greece and Germany for demonstrations and discussions about GeoSLAM technology.


In July, the tour ended in the UK, where we visited the Clifton Suspension Bridge in Bristol which was scanned using the ZEB Horizon.

FARO Technologies acquires GeoSLAM

In September we announced that FARO Technologies Inc had acquired GeoSLAM. The acquisition adds market leading mobile scanning to FARO Technologies portfolio of cutting-edge data capture solutions and represents the next step in growth for GeoSLAM. Learn more about this acquisition here.