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Creating floorplans to cut incident response times




time reduced
by 21%






Schools across
the USA

Active shooter incidents are a growing concern in the United States, with death tolls, most predominantly in schools, rapidly rising and law enforcement resources stretched beyond breaking point.

With the unpredictability of these incidents, both in scale and location, our team at Entropy Group LLC has been working alongside law enforcement and US attorneys nationwide in order to compress response times, by utilizing 2D floor plans and 3D models developed from GeoSLAM ZEB Revo RT data sets, a program that is patent pending.

ZEB Revo RT provides us with the necessary accuracy and is much more time efficient than other laser scanning technologies.

The significance of the problem is evidenced by the recent publication of a National Standard for response to active shooters. The National Fire Protection Association, (NFPA), published NFPA 3000(PS), a provisional national standard, titled, “Standard for an Active Shooter / Hostile Event Response (ASHER) Program“, published April 11, 2018.

According to scanning professionals, to map just the K-12 public schools in the U.S., it would take a scanning team, scanning 100,000 square feet per day, seven days a week, a total of 181 years to complete. This estimate addresses only the public schools and does not address any of the many private schools, let alone the post-secondary school facilities.

When confronted with the magnitude of the effort it was immediately obvious to Entropy Group LLC staff that we needed to join forces with GeoSLAM because their ZEB REVO line of scanners provide the necessary accuracy and are much more time efficient than other laser scanner technologies.

To finalize the proof of efficacy of the patent pending filing, Entropy Group LLC recently completed a simulated active shooter incident where six law enforcement officers were tested by responding to a fictitious scenario. Officers were provided a detailed floorplan of the two story building which is currently used as a church and parochial school facility. The structure is quite complex with many classrooms, counselling rooms, worship sanctuary, multi-media studios, café area and church offices.

The results of the exercise indicate that officers which have access to the 2D floor plans ahead of time, improve their situational awareness, their confidence in responding to a facility that they have never been to previously, by gaining “facility familiarity” through review of floor plans and other data prior to their response. Additionally, response times were documented to decrease by up to 21%. This improvement in response will directly result in fewer deaths and casualties.

Entropy Group LLC is a full-service Forensics and Security Consultancy firm providing services for Executive Protection, Accident Reconstruction, Security Threat Assessments, Building Information Modelling, Security Design Reviews, Security Program Reviews / Audits,Litigation Support, Pre-Travel Security Front Team Assessments, and Access Control Assessments.

We value our relationship with GeoSLAM and California Surveying and Drafting Supply (CSDS) and their support of our mission by providing premier instrumentation for the improvement of societal ability to address and respond to active shooter events.”

1 Springer. “Rapid rise in mass school shootings in the United States, study shows: Researchers call for action to address worrying increase in number of mass school shootings in past two decades.” ScienceDaily, 19 April 2018

We chose the ZEB Revo RT for its portability