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Accurately Measuring a waterfront apartment Block


Vejle, Denmark

Scan time

30 Minutes


58,000 sq. ft





The Importance of Accurate Measurements in Construction

In Denmark, inaccurate data of floor space in residential or office buildings can have legal implications. Therefore, building contractors must provide accurate measurements for the built floor area for each apartment before a purchase could be finalised.

LIFA Surveyors is one of the leading surveying companies in Denmark. They were recently tasked with collecting floorplan data for a 13-story waterfront apartment building in Vejle. The apartment building, totalling 58,000 sq. ft, was going through construction, and each apartment required accurate measurements of the floor space.

Consequently, LIFA Surveyors needed a solution that could precisely map each apartment at speed and with minimal disruption.

How GeoSLAM Technology is Beneficial for Surveyors

They decided to work with handheld SLAM laser scanners and found that GeoSLAM’s ZEB Revo was the best solution for the job.

The ZEB Revo appealed to LIFA for various reasons but above all the scanner is easy to use, requiring minimal training. As a result, the entire building could be scanned by one person in 30 minutes. Further, the ZEB Revo’s speed of capture combined with its accurate measurements, meant that LIFA could achieve its goals cost-effectively.

We surveyed an entire 13-storey residential building in one and a half hours with only 30 minutes needed for the actual scanning.

Using accurate measurements and point clouds to Create BIM Models

The 3D point cloud data collected by the ZEB Revo was used to create a Building Information Model (BIM). Technicians used the BIM to take measurements of the apartments and common spaces, such as hallways and elevator shafts. During this process, the team visually compared the model against the original design plan to ensure that all building elements were constructed correctly. Due to the efficiency of the scanner, LIFA achieved the accuracy needed for their client.  

The speed of capture and ease of use resulted in LIFA surveyors dramatically reducing their time on interior building survey from days to hours, whilst maintaining high levels of accuracy.

Within days of the scan, LIFA delivered the final measurements to the contractor – a cost-effective solution for both companies.

data visualisation and BIM of apartment created with accurate measurements