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Providing innovative solutions using UAVs

and LiDAR scanners



Scan time

From 10-30 minutes


Varies depending on scan


Large exterior spaces



Delivering accurate representations of built environments

Shamrock+, based in Savannah Georgia, provides creative and visual solutions to individuals and businesses through photography and 3D data collection services. Using UAVs, cameras, sensors and software, Shamrock+ delivers accurate representations of built environments for their clients.

Shamrock+ largely works within Architecture, Engineering and Construction (AEC), however, they also assist professionals with projects in the Real Estate sector. Their solutions include photography, progress documentation, creating 3D data visualisations, and as-built.

Shamrock+ originally used a static-based LiDAR solution to produce their 3D point clouds. Though highly accurate, they needed a faster solution for collecting data. Additionally, they needed a versatile scanner that can be mounted to UAVs and cars to capture larger areas.

As a result, Shamrock+ chose to work with GeoSLAM’s ZEB Horizon scanner.

What used to take hours to scan, is now taking us significantly less time to cover more areas.

Using the ZEB Horizon laser scanner on UAVs

The ZEB Horizon has significantly reduced the time needed to scan, whilst simultaneously delivering accurate data. The easy-to-use solution and simple setup mean the team could immediately begin scanning.

Many of the areas Shamrock+ capture are large exterior spaces, and the 100m range of the ZEB Horizon make it the ideal solution. The team carried out an architectural scan of an approximately 10,000 sq. ft Community Bible Church (CBC) in Savannah, GA. This project consisted of 3 individual scans of the interior building and its surrounding area, with the scan time ranging from 10 to 30 minutes.

Shamrock+ uses the ZEB Horizon laser scanner on UAVs, handheld and with GeoSLAM’s car mount accessories. The versatile solution provides Shamrock+ with the ability to switch from air based data capture to scanning large areas in a very short amount of time.

Creating 3D BIM files, floorplans and more with GeoSLAM technology

Shamrock+ has completed more than a dozen projects to date, each with its own challenges. From scanning building interiors for renovation, to mapping acres of land for topographical data, the ZEB Horizon has proven to be a tool that can overcome the challenges it has faced so far.

Shamrock+ processes the ZEB Horizon’s data using GeoSLAM Connect. They also internally integrate the point clouds into other software platforms to create 3D BIM files, floorplans, elevations, contours, and much more.

By using GeoSLAM’s technology, Shamrock+ can capture large acres of land in a short period of time. This speeds up their data collection process without sacrificing accuracy, which allows them to spend more time on creating high quality visual solutions for their clients.

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