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GeoSLAM Connect for Care Customers

Request your free licence
If you are a GeoSLAM Care customer you can request your licence by submitting the form below.

Please note that if you have GeoSLAM Draw and you want to move over to Connect there are a few things you need to know:

  • Before installing Connect, you should uninstall any existing Connect and Draw software.
  • You will need to refresh your Draw licence using the new GeoSLAM Licence Manager to update it to the new 4.0 version.
  • Once you have installed Connect, Hub will recognise the new Draw 4.0 version.
  • Projects created or opened in Draw 4.0 are not compatible with Draw 3.5.
  • If you wish to revert back to Draw 3.5 you will need to uninstall Draw 4.0 and then reinstall Draw 3.5.

    Not currently a GeoSLAM Care customer?

    If you’re a GeoSLAM customer and your Care package has expired, you can request a quote to renew your Care here.