GeoSLAM Hub – the new, improved local processing engine.

With just a laptop and a dongle, GeoSLAM data can be seamlessly downloaded, processed and viewed within minutes of capture – wherever you are. The latest version of GeoSLAM’s processing engine works in conjunction with ZEB-CAM, allowing contextual visual imagery to be processed alongside 3D point cloud data. This allows the user to view both point cloud and visual data side-by-side, using GeoSLAM View.

For the first time, users can now select data output formats – file format, point decimation, time-stamping – allowing greater integration with Third Party software. Users can also define their own processing parameters – to suit the environment in which the ZEB data was collected. GeoSLAM Hub uses the same world-class SLAM algorithm as the Cloud, reassuring users that collected scan data is automatically aligned, every time.

GeoSLAM Hub – processing power, in your hands.

How it Works

Unlimited Processing

With GeoSLAM Hub, processing is unlimited. For just a one-time, upfront cost, users can register as much scan data as they need.

For customers who are carrying out regular surveying work, GeoSLAM Hub is the most cost-effective method of data registration.

Plug in and Go

Designed with simplicity in mind, GeoSLAM Hub couldn’t be easier to use. Simply insert the licensed dongle (registered to your scanning hardware) and ‘drag and drop’ the scan file into a dedicated space of your laptop. Registration will begin automatically and will produce a complete set of results files, ready to be imported into the third party software of your choice.

Data Privacy

Sensitive data that you don’t wish to store on the Cloud?

With GeoSLAM Hub, processing and registration is kept local to your machine – with no storage on the Cloud. Perfect for ensuring that your private data is kept private.