Optimise your GeoSLAM point clouds with Micromine mining software to validate, process, display and interpret drillhole, surface and subsurface data for mine design and planning.

Make smarter decisions

  • All the tools needed to boost your exploration projects – visualisation, drillhole management and analytics
  • Drive short and long term mine planning with design, optimisation and scheduling capabilities
  • Have your mining planning and management tasks all in one place
  • Proactively Identify potential safety risks

Features and capabilities

  • Core module
  • Exploration
  • Mining
  • Stratigraphic Modelling
  • Scheduler
  • Resource Estimation
  • Implicit Modelling
  • Wireframing
  • Surveying
  • Pit Optimiser
  • Stope Optimiser

Micromine workflow using GeoSLAM point clouds

  • Importing data -Import the .las file into the software.
  • Previewing data – The view of the point cloud can be rotated in order to generate a solid wireframe.
  • Downsample tool – The imported file has 99 million points and, regardless of machine processing power, no 3D software will be able to manage this amount of data. The downsample tool effectively scales down the data without losing critical resolution.
  • Creating a view – Once imported and downsampled, the data can be viewed in a point Vizex form. From this form, the display properties and colour can be configured so that they are based on items such as ‘intensity’ or ‘RGB’ values.
  • Creating a solid and verifying – Using the ‘Point Cloud to Solid’ tool, Micromine can easily create solids or surfaces from complex point cloud data. The result will be a solid/surface wireframe than can be queried for volumetric and tonnages. Such wireframes can be used in Micromine for further studies into volumetric slicing, over and underbreak analysis, geologic modelling, face mapping and many more.

GeoSLAM is not affiliated with Micromine.

Collect data with a ZEB scanner

ZEB Horizon

Used mostly for scanning indoors or in underground mines and caves with an IP64 rating. Can be used outdoors and has a range of 30m. PAir with a number of accessories such as pole or cradle.


Real-time processing which means you can visualise the scan as you move. Has a range of 30m and IP51 rating. Used mostly for scanning indoors. Can be paired with a number of accessories such as a pole or cradle.

ZEB Horizon

 The most flexible of the ZEB family with a range of accessories which makes it suitable for lots of different applications. Can be used to scan indoors and outdoors with a longer range of 100m. Collect data using a UAV or vehicle.

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