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GeoSLAM Connect 2.3.0
Release Notes

Release Date: March 2023
Written by: GeoSLAM Product Team
GeoSLAM Licence Manager: 1.4.0

  • Users have the ability to calculate a Horizon / ZEB Vision system calibration using a built-in ZEB Vision Calibration Tool
  • A configuration tool has been added to the ‘Stop and Go Georeferencing (Cloud)’ registration workflow. This will allow users to manually configure control points prior to registration
  • Automatic alignment and registration of data can now be undertaken when reflective targets have been captured during scanning via new workflows
  • Exporting of E57 and PLY files now has the option to include point normals
  • ZEB Vision images stored in the .geoslam file will be automatically extracted when running the stitching module
  • Users have direct access to the My GeoSLAM portal via a link in the user account section
  • Users have the ability to save processing logs from within the Process Details dialogue

  • Performance and usage of the the multiple point cloud alignment and merge function has been enhanced
  • Process monitoring has been simplified to give more concise information regarding progress and any failures
  • Multiple enhancements to the 3D viewer to improve ease of use have been implemented
  • Workflow parameter names have been made more consistent
  • Workflow names have be simplified and made more concise
  • More informative error handling if Connect start-up fails
  • The ‘Closed Loop Georeferencing’ workflow has been renamed ‘ZEB Locate Georeferencing’

  • Resolved an issue where closing a project, whilst loading a point cloud, could cause the application to fail
  • Resolved an issue where there was a delay when selecting the intensity settings for colourisation
  • Resolved an issue where the point clouds and images where not visually aligned when using the ZEB Vision workflows
  • Resolved an issue where the “next” button was not visible in the align wizard
  • Point source ID is now included in the a merged .LAZ file
  • Coordinate resolution in merged data is set at 3 decimal places. Previously data was stored at 2 decimal place resolution
  • Resolved an issue where the rigid adjust to control function removed stored RGB values in the input LAZ after registration
  • Resolved an issue where a “Blocked” error message could sporadically appear, whilst processing a workflow
  • Resolved an issue in the viewer where the “Clipping Box” could stay visible when switching to a new project