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GeoSLAM Sample Data

View and download data in our free point cloud viewer

Here’s some helpful tips for the best viewing experience

  • If your internet connection allows, move the Point Budget slider to the maximum amount available to view all the points in the cloud.
  • Making the point size smaller using the Point Size slider makes the data easier to view and interpret.
  • In the tools section of the viewer, you can measure the distance and angles of features within the pointcloud.
  • Using the materials section of the viewer, you can use the Select Attributes dropdown to view by intensity, elevation and RGB (if point cloud is coloured).

New Place Hotel

Location: Southampton, United Kingdom
ZEB Scanner: ZEB Horizon/ ZEB Discovery
Scan time:
30 Minutes

Colourised data was captured using the ZEB Discovery backpack solution. This data was captured as part of the Big SLAM Tour of the UK, learn more about it here.

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