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GeoSLAM Connect 2.0.0
Release notes

Release Date: October 2021
Written by: GeoSLAM Product Team
GeoSLAM Licence Manager: 1.1.0

  • New and improved interface has been added
  • A new point cloud viewer has been included
  • New workflows have been added to support the following operations: SLAM processing, SLAM reprocessing, Floor slices, Change detection, Stop-and-go georeferencing, GPS georeferencing, Stop-and-go scan alignment and SLAM pre-sets for different capture environments
  • Project management is now via the project tree
  • Cloud login has been added
  • Point cloud filtering has been added
  • Filters can be run successively via an integrated pipeline
  • Drag-and-Drop processing is now included
  • A unified licence manager is now included that lets users activate and deactivate licences for all GeoSLAM products (Hub, Connect and Draw)

  • Optimisations and improvements have been made to the following modules: Stop-and-Go Georeferencing, Change detection and Floor slices

  • Resolved an issue with the stitching tool where zero byte JPEGs caused the application to fail