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GeoSLAM Connect 2.1.2
Release Notes

Release Date: August 2022
Written by: GeoSLAM Product Team
GeoSLAM Licence Manager: 1.3.0

  • New workflows have been added to support the ZEB Vision camera. These include: Image stitching, POSE File creation and Point cloud colourisation
  • The Connect Viewer now supports the display and navigation of panoramic images captured using the ZEB Vision camera
  • ZEB Vision workflows are available from the interface for quick access
  • Integration with the new licensing service provider

  • Updates made to the colouriser function to improve accuracy and speed
  • Updates to the default parameters in the ZEB Vision stitching and colourisation workflows
  • SLAM Processing Type added as a parameter to all scripts.  This defines a set of pre-set processing parameters which should be used in specific environments
  • Processing logging stability improvements
  • Improvements to the GeoSLAM Licence Manager
  • Optimisation and improvements to the core SLAM code (GeoSLAM Beam 6.0)
  • Efficiency improvements have been made to the core point cloud filter tools
  • Simplified workflow output folder structure.  All data is now stored in the Data folder.  No data is now stored in the results folder
  • Improvements have been made to the Connect Viewer, including: point cloud opacity & intensity range controls, double click to set camera target, Basic Measurements & toolbar and point size/density control toolbar
  • The point cloud filtering module has been made more efficient

  • Vision stitcher fails with empty JPGs
  • Vision pose creator throws IndexOutOfRangeException error
  • Resolved an issue with the stitching tool where zero byte JPEGS caused the application to fail
  • Multiple spelling and grammar improvements in the scripts and interface
  • Added missing Spanish translations