Monitoring Slope Movement

SITEMONITOR LIVE +SLOPES has been designed to monitor slopes in both industrial and environmental settings. This unique solution compares data collected over a period of time to identify rockfall and other precursors to slope failure. With fully automated alerts and reports, SLOPES provides constant and enhanced intelligence to improve safety in high risk areas whilst maintaining operational productivity. SITEMONITOR LIVE +SLOPES integrates seamlessly with other SITEMONITOR LIVE modules for site wide intelligence.
Screenshot of SITEMONITOR LIVE +SLOPES above showing areas of displacement on a steep face, red indicates where material has accumulated and blue shows where material has been lost. On the right is a vertical section showing relative difference between surveys.

The user-friendly software interface has been created to allow projects to be set up in seconds. Data capture, sensor management and schedules are managed from one screen for ease of use and clear visibility of project progress. Other software benefits include automatic feature classfication and removal to enable accurate calculations to be made despite surrounding machinery or structures.

Point Cloud Showing Contours of an Open Cast Mine captured with SITE MONITOR LIVE +SLOPES