Mobile Mapping Software

Transforming your 3D scan data into actionable information

GeoSLAM Hub & Draw is a comprehensive software suite that transforms 3D point cloud data into actionable information and valuable deliverables in minutes.

A part of GeoSLAM’s complete mobile mapping solution, GeoSLAM Hub & Draw bring together industry-leading SLAM (Simultaneous Localisation And Mapping) technology with powerful post processing functionality to deliver complete end-to-end solutions.

Watch the video below for how you can use Hub & Draw for rapid, indoor building documentation.


Software Features

  • Industry-leading SLAM processing to generate accurate 3D point clouds from mobile data
  • Automatic registration of multiple scans and geo-referencing of datasets to control
  • Import, view and interrogate data captured from all GeoSLAM mobile mapping devices
  • Generate simple and fast 3D measurements and 2D CAD deliverables
  • Easily export data for use with all major third party CAD and GIS software packages
  • Publish, share, and collaborate with multiple stakeholders across the globe

How it works

Recognised as the most robust SLAM engine in the world, GeoSLAM Hub features simple drag-and-drop functionality to process and interrogate data captured from all GeoSLAM mobile devices. In addition, you can set your own advanced SLAM processing criteria to produce accurate results in even the most challenging indoor environments.

Point cloud registration

GeoSLAM Hub comes with a range of tools for simple point cloud registration, including aligning multiple scans and geo-referencing using sphere targets. GeoSLAM Hub automatically synchronises imagery with point cloud data collected using the ZEB-CAM to add visual contextual information to your 3D scan data.



Full picture

Synchronised point cloud and imagery data can be easily viewed and examined in both 2D and 3D – which means you can extract co-ordinates, dimensions and areas, as well as annotate building features.

Tools for the job

GeoSLAM Draw, a module within GeoSLAM Hub, includes a range of simple-to-use tools for quickly extracting floor plan layouts and sections from point cloud data. With both manual and automatic vectorisation routines, you can produce basic building layouts in a matter of minutes. For more advanced modelling, the optional upgrade, GeoSLAM Draw Pro, offers the tools you need to create digital terrain models (DTMs), volumes and profiles.

Export and share data

With customisable export options, it’s simple to process and export data rapidly in industry-standard formats such as LAS and E57. Data can also be saved with colour RGB, shade values and normals.

Using the free GeoSLAM Viewer, you can share synchronised imagery and 3D point cloud data with colleagues and customers quickly and easily, while GeoSLAM Draw Pro allows you to publish 3D point clouds, 2D layouts, videos, and more.


System requirements

  • Windows 10 operating system
  • CPU must support virtualisation technology (AMD-V or VT-x) as well as virtualisation support must be enabled in BIOS (basic input/output system).
  • The GeoSLAM binary is optimised for Intel Core i7 processors.
  • VirtualBox 5.1.28 or above.
  • Minimum of 8 GB RAM is required however 16 GB of RAM is recommended


All new ZEB systems are sold with either bronze, silver, or gold software support and maintenance for the first 12 months. If no support package is purchased at the end of Year 1, customers will not have access to online cloud support or manufacturer technical support.

Works with

ZEB-REVO and ZEB-REVO RT, our lightweight, handheld laser scanners which are highly mobile, simple to operate and can be used by anyone. Our versatile technology is adaptable to any environment, especially complex and enclosed spaces, without the need for GNSS.

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