GeoSLAM Cloud

All GeoSLAM survey and mapping data can be processed online in the GeoSLAM Cloud where best-in-class Simultaneous Localisation and Mapping (SLAM) algorithms work their magic. Combining measurement data from the laser with positional data from the on-board IMU, our SLAM algorithms use feature recognition routines to perform cloud-to-cloud registration; aligning the scan data automatically.

How it Works

Global Availability

The GeoSLAM Cloud is available from anywhere in the world via an internet connection. Using wired, wireless, cellular, or satellite communications every GeoSLAM user can upload their survey data to the GeoSLAM Cloud for automatic processing.

Dependable Services

Leveraging Amazon Web Services infrastructure the GeoSLAM Cloud has reliable failover support and almost limitless scalability to provide all GeoSLAM users with high-performing data processing and registration services for rapid turnaround of survey data.

Bankable Security

While all GeoSLAM systems record both measurement and movement data, the precise geographical ‘real-world’ location is never recorded. Couple this ‘anonymous’ location with the high-security infrastructure provided by Amazon Web Services and we believe that your data and its true location will remain safe in the GeoSLAM Cloud.