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Surveying the inaccessible

Turn Elios 3 data into survey-grade 3D models, powered by GeoSLAM Connect. A solution to monitor, manage, and map, the most unreachable places.

Elios 3, Flyability and GeoSLAM
Elios 3 drone surveying solution powered by Flyability and GeoSLAM

Map and survey the most inaccessible spaces, guiding your business decisions using precise data – with safety as the highest priority.

The Elios 3 Surveying Solution brings together the best of confined spaces drone data capture with 3D Geospatial software technology through it’s integration with GeoSLAM’s high accuracy mapping SLAM software, GeoSLAM Beam, and GeoSLAM Connect processing software.

To learn more about global and local accuracy in 3D mapping with the Elios 3 and GeoSLAM Connect click the buttons below to view the whitepapers.

Why choose the Elios 3?

Survey the most inaccessible areas of your workplace

Unlike other drone mounted LiDAR solutions, the Elios 3 Surveying Solution relies on the collision tolerant design of the drone and the FlyAware™ Autonomy Engine to survey the most inaccessible areas of your workplace. Whether you want to map No-Go zones of your underground mine, survey inaccessible infrastructure, or monitor and measure the amount of material in a silo or stockpile, the Elios 3 Surveying Solution can do it.

Maintain the highest safety standards for your employees

Safety is paramount. The Elios 3 Surveying Solution gives you access and insights into parts of your workplace that were previously inaccessible without compromising the safety of your employees. The risk to workers is reduced by removing employees from the hazardous environment.  

Increase efficiency and productivity

From data capture to CAD drawing, the Elios 3 and GeoSLAM Connect work seamlessly together to bring days of work down to hours. As a result, you can collect more data more often and solve problems before it’s too late.

When to use Elios 3

Mapping areas that are out of reach or too dangerous for humans to enter is critical yet often impossible. Whether you are in underground mines, surveying inaccessible infrastructure or mapping indoor stockpiles, surveying previously unreachable and dangerous areas is now possible. 


For mapping and volumetric measurements.


  • Stopes
  • Ore passes
  • Shafts
  • Draw points
  • Ventilation systems


  • Convergence monitoring
  • Rock mass classification
  • Volumetric measurement for over / under break, reconciliations and stockpile paste scheduling
  • Confirm backfilling volumes and heights
  • Improve scheduling and backfill design, reduce production interruptions
  • Quickly identify remaining stope volumes
  • Locating hang ups
  • Thickness and volume measurement of blockages

Infrastructure & Utilities

For mapping and georeferencing.


  • Tunnels
  • Buildings
  • Production plants
  • Construction grounds
  • Emergency sites
  • Warehouses
  • Caves
  • Historical sites
  • Critical infrastructure – bridges, pipes, dams, refineries


  • Mapping and georeferencing of existing workings (tunnels, galleries) in order to plan for further civil engineering development (usually underground)


For volumetric measurement and management.


  • Silos
  • Tanks
  • Indoor and Underground stockpiles


  • Production
  • Beneficiation
  • Logistics
  • Ports
  • Sales

A cement plant in France used LiDAR data from the Elios 3 in stockpile measurements for a clinker inventory, making the process safer and more accurate.

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