Mobile Mapping LiDAR System For The Next Generation

StreetMapper first was released in 2004, the first Mobile Laser Scanning LiDAR system commercially available. Proven time and time again, the system is widely accepted in the survey business as one of the most reliable, accurate and robust MLS systems available.

Following years of expertise and constant development, 3D Laser Mapping is proud to announce their next generation Mobile Mapping LiDAR System, ‘StreetMapperIV’. Survey grade accuracy and supreme reliability that has come to be expected from StreetMapper is now presented in an even more compact, customisable and easy to use system.


Buying a mobile mapping from 3D Laser Mapping was a great decision – we have an amazing system that suits our needs perfectly and if you ever need any support – you always get an answer to your problem.Alfred Mulder, Project Leader at Geomaat.

StreetMapper Applications

StreetMapper Mobile LiDAR system can be mounted on a variety of vehicles for numerous applications making it the ideal solution for fast, accurate and safe surveying in a number of different environments.



Trams & Trains

Trucks & 4x4s


  • Asset Mapping
  • Open Field Surveying
  • Engineering Planning
  • Topographic Mapping
  • City Surveying
  • Monitoring and Change
  • Detection
  • Surface Maintenance
  • Tunnel Mapping
  • Highways
  • Civil Engineering
  • Rail Mapping
  • Coastal Mapping


StreetMapperIV is available in 3 different configurations – all of which can be easily upgraded at a later date if and when your needs change. To help you decide which system is for you – have a look at the table below.


Single Pod Configuration

Available in GIS or Survey Grade
With or without Ladybug5 panoramic camera


Dual Pod Configuration

Survey Grade LiDAR System
With or without Ladybug5 panoramic camera

StreetMapper IV Single GIS Grade StreetMapperIV Single Survey Grade StreetMapperIV Dual Survey Grade
Main Sensors Scanner Units One One Two
Accuracy GIS Grade Survey Grade Survey Grade
Camera Resolution 6 x 5MP 6 x 5MP 6 x 5MP
Suggested Software Package Company: TerraSolid TerraSolid TerraSolid
Scanner Specifications Points/Second 1 x 1,000,000 1 x 1,000,000 2 x 1,000,000
Scan Lines/ Second 250 250 250
Point Cloud Noise 3mm 3mm 3mm
Max Range 420m 420m 420m
Suitable for Common Applications Asset Mapping X X X
Clearance Planning X X X
Highway Mapping X X X
Railway Survey X X
Coastal Survey X X
Surface Maintenance X X
Tunnel Mapping X X
High Accuracy City Models X
General Information Scan Pattern Regular Distributed point cloud Regular Distributed point cloud Regular Distributed and crossing point cloud
Navigation Capabilities Requires good GNSS conditions (Open Sky) Good accuracy even in challenging GNSS conditions (Suitable for Cities) Good accuracy even in challenging GNSS conditions (Suitable for Cities)
Point density @ 60km/h @ 5m range 2000 p/sqm 2000 p/sqm 4000 p/sqm