GeoSLAM providing inspiration in maths

Rachel Reynolds

GeoSLAM was invited to set a maths business challenge for Year 8 students to support one of the strategic priorities for South Wolds Academy, part of the East Midlands Education Trust, to ‘To provide a relevant, attractive curriculum that meets the needs of all learners with outstanding teaching that is highly effective in inspiring students and ensures that they learn …


Internships at GeoSLAM

Harriet Brewitt

As part of our CSR strategy at GeoSLAM we are continuing to engage with Universities to develop meaningful partnerships. Some of our work involves joint research projects, access to a leadership course and giving HR expertise around interview skills for undergraduates. Another great success has been providing internships for Marina, James and Sarah from Nottingham University. Sarah Roggendorf is a …


Marketing Intern Interview

Rachel Reynolds

As part of the CSR strategy we are continuing to engage with Universities to develop meaningful partnerships. Some of our work has included joint research projects, a leadership course for two of our recent graduates and help to develop undergraduate employability skills through providing HR expertise around interview skills. Another great success has been employing Interns from Nottingham University. From …

GeoSLAM’s CSR Strategy to Promote Students’ English Skills

Grace Tupling

GeoSLAM were invited to a local Nottinghamshire school with the mission to present a business challenge as part of their Corporate Social Responsibility strategy. Around 200 students aged 11-12 from Bramcote College took part in this event. The business challenge was established with the aim of enriching subject learning in partnership with local employers working with Forum Talent Potential – …

GeoSLAM and Corporate Social Responsibility

Harriet Brewitt

GeoSLAM is embracing a culture of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), taking the first step by attending the East Leake Academy Careers Fair on 15th March 2018. The event was attended by employers, universities, colleges and training providers and aimed to provide students from age 12 to 18 with opportunities to explore their career options. It enabled them to talk to …