Third Party Software

Alongside our own registration packages, GeoSLAM offers simple and hassle-free solutions for completing your workflow – in the form of third party software. As a recognised distributor, GeoSLAM has selected the following 3D point cloud software that works seamlessly with ZEB data, whatever your industry.

Whether you need to produce floor plan layouts, calculate stockpile volumes, or create mesh models, we are confident we have the software package to fit your needs.


Ideal for producing 2D layouts and elevations from 3D point cloud data, PointCab is the perfect companion to ZEB data. Processed and registered ZEB data is rapidly and easily imported into PointCab and displayed as 2-dimensional data in DWG format (allowing seamless integration with AutoDesk applications).

From here, it’s a simple case of creating section and plan lines to instantly create plan layouts, sections and elevations, making this the perfect tool for building surveyors.

Features include:

  • Layout & Section – create distortion-free layouts and sections as orthophotos
  • Sketch – create measurements of angles, distances and surfaces, dimensioning and annotations
  • Photo Match – match high resolution images onto sections and layouts
  • Merger – create scaled images for documents
    Panorama – panoramic views from any desired position
  • WebEXport – create interactive HTML or PDF documents

PointCab can also be used for the analysis of accident/crime scenes, monument protection, landscape planning, volume calculations, and civil engineering and road construction.


A powerful point cloud processing tool, 3DReshaper is suitable for a wide variety of industries and applications, including mine and cave analysis, stockpile volume calculations and tunnel modelling.

Supporting LAS formats, 3DReshaper allows ZEB data to be quickly and easily imported. Merging multiple ZEB datasets is a simple task, with the best-fit registration tool. Multiple clouds are easily merged, allowing larger survey jobs to be merged as one.

For stockpile and mine volume calculations, the mesh tool rapidly produces a surface from a point of clouds, enabling accurate volumes to be calculated.

Additional functions include shape extraction, surface analysis, contour extraction and measurement and labelling functionality.

Features include:

  • Clever reduction of point clouds (keeping only the best points for reduced file sizes)
  • Automatic segmentation
  • Automatic noise measurement reduction
  • 3D comparison with a mesh or CAD model
  • Best geometric shape extraction