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GeoSLAM for Forestry

Proven 3D point cloud technology for rapid, safe data collection and analysis of forests


Leading global Forestry organizations use GeoSLAM for:

Map the inaccessabile

Map the inaccessible

ZEB systems can be used without GNSS, making it easier to map hard-to-reach areas.

Adaptable to any environment

Adaptable to any environment

Use the system on a UAV for above the canopy, and handheld to scan the forest floor. Datasets can be merged in GeoSLAM Connect for full representation of the space.

Quicker results

Quicker results

No need to connect to the cloud to process data – this can all be done on your local machine on site to ensure the entire area is captured correctly.

User friendly

User friendly

It’s possible to cover large areas quickly with no registration or individual scanner setup. This eliminates the need for registration in post processing and can save time in the field. 

How can GeoSLAM be applied to tree scanning?

  • Forestry scanning for carbon sequestration measurement
  • Orchard scanning for improving agricultural practices
  • Powerline scanning for identifying clashing tree canopies
  • Roadway scanning to identify tree clearance bottlenecks

Live webinar: Using handheld LiDAR for recording and documenting forest structural attributes

Thursday, 26 January at 11am EST, 8am PST

This session covers:

  • Introduction to GeoSLAM – How does SLAM work?
  • Identifying and overcoming common challenges when capturing LiDAR data in forest environments
  • Using ZEB accessories to enable complete site capture
  • Collecting data and processing workflow
  • Real-life examples
  • Q&A

Case Study

SFI SmartForest chose GeoSLAM’s ZEB Horizon to scan the dense and rough terrain. It enabled the team to quickly capture large volumes of data from the ground and from the air, collecting highly accurate datasets and creating point cloud models to extract features including wood quality and biomass.
Following a successful initial period, the research programme will continue to use the mobile scanner to create accurate point clouds which serve as the basis for deep learning research opportunities.

Sample data from our ZEB Horizon handheld scanner

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Our experienced GeoSLAM dealers can help you with demos, pricing and questions about
how GeoSLAM can help you to capture geospatial data quicker and more easily.


Read our latest blog to learn about practical applications that range from providing data to aid precision forestry or forest mapping, to biodiversity applications such as pollution modelling and to assist carbon absorption estimations.

GeoSLAM in action

‘Scanning with the ZEB Horizon is a very efficient way to collect ground truth. Eventually, we want to use it for large-scale mapping applications.’

‘The ZEB Horizon captures forestry data more accurately than traditional methods and eight times faster.’

Case Studies

forest conservation

LiDAR’s role in Norwegian forestry

Industry: Forestry
Norwegian forests
Scan time:
Approx. 10-20 minutes per scan

Geocentar, Croatia

Industry: Conservation
Scan time:
9 minutes
Size: 1km in length

Eden Project

Industry: Conservation
Eden Project
Scan time:
10 minutes per scan
Size: 1km in length

Which ZEB is right for you?

ZEB Horizon
ZEB Horizon
ZEB Horizon RT
ZEB Horizon RT

What’s included with a ZEB?

In addition to our leading software platform, GeoSLAM Connect, with every ZEB purchase you will receive a GeoSLAM Care package and access to My GeoSLAM to ensure you get the most from your ZEB solution.

GeoSLAM Care

The after sales package to get the most from your ZEB products.

You’ll be entitled to all the latest software updates and new features, unlimited software support and up to 3 years hardware warranty.


The home of all supporting materials for GeoSLAM products​.

Access to a rage of materials and resources such as user guides, best practice videos, webinars and troubleshooting articles.

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