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Helping you create and manage a digital twin – in any environment.

What you will love about GeoSLAM

  • More competitive – Being able to offer rapid results to clients makes everything you do more competitive and gives you the potential to offer services more widely.
  • Ease of Use – Our scanners can be used by anyone, so you don’t need to be a professional surveyor to create accurate 3D models.
  • Go anywhere – GeoSLAM can be used anywhere, from the tightest spaces to remote spots without the need for GPS.
  • Speed – If you can scan faster, you can work faster, maximising your time and allowing you to determine layouts, calculate room size and produce floor plans within minutes.
  • Continuous data collection – Our scanners allow for continuous data processing which means you can see individual measurements including topographical details alongside key features.
  • Accuracy – From design, to construction and maintenance, our mobile scanners can be used to quickly and accurately scan and collect data at each stage of the building’s development.
  • Create and manage a digital twin –For true project collaboration, effortlessly and accurately create a digital twin of any built environment – both indoor and outdoor.

Whitepaper Download

Read our whitepaper written in collaboration with the Construction Progress Coalition about the benefits of a connected construction industry.

Engineering results ten times faster than traditional survey methods

“GeoSLAM’s solutions are changing the way we survey buildings. We can now measure building plans 10-times faster than we used to with traditional equipment, and we are able to capture more information.”

Morten Thoft, Chief Specialist Mapping & Surveying, COWI

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    GeoSLAM takes a stroll down mystery lane

    GeoSLAM takes a stroll down mystery lane

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