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Powerful mobile mapping technology for non-surveyors

What you will love about GeoSLAM

  • Fast scanning – Quickly generate building layouts and position indoor assets. GeoSLAM can map a 3-storey building in 30 minutes or a 9,000 m2 depot in under an hour.
  • Use it anywhere – GeoSLAM utilises ‘go-anywhere’ technology, which means it can be used in even the harshest environments – inside, outside, in daylight and darkness.
  • Rapid data processing – No longer is a team of surveyors needed; anyone can quickly and accurately capture and process the data to build high-accurate 3D models with GeoSLAM.
  • Time is money – GeoSLAM saves time and money on every job with data capture up to 10 times faster than traditional methods. Carry out more surveys and complete projects faster.
  • Context – GeoSLAM allows you to add contextual data to your scans, giving you improved accuracy and powerful visualisations.
  • Accuracy – Accurate 3D imaging is often costly, but GeoSLAM delivers accuracy at a low price point, without having to sacrifice additional features.

Why facility and asset professionals choose GeoSLAM

“A hydroelectric dam is a dark, slippery and dangerous environment, so we needed something fast and simple to capture data with. With the ZEB REVO, it was a simple case of ‘walking and scanning’ with the handheld device throughout the tunnel environment. Each 300 ft section of tunnel took just 10 minutes to survey.”

Collin Gillis, Principal, Smarter Spaces

Billund Airport

Facilities Management Case Study

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    GeoSLAM takes a stroll down mystery lane

    GeoSLAM takes a stroll down mystery lane

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