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What you will love about GeoSLAM

  • Faster evidence recording – with GeoSLAM, police and security personnel can use a convenient, handheld device to capture digital forensic evidence in minutes.
  • Total flexibility – GeoSLAM can be used in any environment, including hazardous and harsh conditions – helping to keep security and defense personnel safe.
  • On-the-go processing – the beauty of GeoSLAM is that it processes data in minutes and give you real-time results, saving you time and money.
  • Accuracy – crime scene evidence has to be 100% accurate in order to be useful and GeoSLAM can digitally preserve 3D scene data that’s been rapidly captured in one site visit.
  • User Friendly – GeoSLAM is easy to use and doesn’t require any training. It can be used by all personnel with even the most basic skills.
  • Enables accurate planning – contingency planning for events can be time consuming and costly, but GeoSLAM uses rapid threat detection to creating escape-route floorplans.

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    GeoSLAM takes a stroll down mystery lane

    GeoSLAM takes a stroll down mystery lane

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