zeb horizon uav


LiDAR pointclouds in minutes

Take to the skies

Collect 300,000 data points per second from the world around you, without the need for GPS.

Using a ZEB Horizon with the quick release UAV mount, you can go from walking to flying in minutes.

  • Simple and easy deployment
  • No additional positioning sensors required
  • No need for GPS
  • See intensity values
Key points
  • Take off/ landing area with features
  • Flight plan according to the area, features and overlap
  • Processing on site – data quality and coverage check
  • Intensity
  • Merging multiple dataset – automatic in GeoSLAM HUB
  • Georeferencing possibility – checkerboard, spheres, white lines etc.
  • Camera availability – pointcloud coloring, mesh creation
  • Forestry
  • Industrial Estates
  • Housing Estates
  • Power lines
  • Railways
  • Farm, Rural
  • Mining
  • Construction sites
Dos and Don'ts

Read our blog on the dos and don’ts of aerial surveying for how to begin your UAV project here.

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