GeoSLAM DRAW is the entry-level solution for the efficient processing of point clouds to create detailed 2D ground plans and façade views. It contains practical functions for measurement, simple web export, alignment and registration tools which makes it easy to interrogate, edit, change you point cloud data and to translate it to BIM.

Additional GeoSLAM DRAW features:

  • Register point cloud data - This includes not only REVO point clouds, but as well any other mobile or static scans.
  • Automatically create plans and sections - DRAW allows you to create sections though all your data, from which floor plans can be derived.
  • Compatibility with any other CAD software - Regardless of what is created, whether it is CAD lines, section orthos, floor plans or similar, in DRAW they will be automatically saved in DWG / DFX formats, which allow you to transition to any other CAD tool
  • Easy Point Cloud to BIM workflow - Data is imported to DRAW by views, which makes it easy and fast to create BIM models. It is done by auto-vectorising sections and layouts.

Layouts and Sections 

Create distortion-free layouts and sections as ortho photos



Measure angles, distances and surfaces, dimensioning and annotations.



Vectorize plans created based on your point cloud.



Create profile lines in an elevation model of the point cloud.



Analyze and protocol deviations of evenness.


Creating Curved and Polygonal Sections




Create volume calculation protocols according to REB 22013


Using imagery in the Virtual Pano Tool