GeoSLAM for Architecture

Proven 3D point cloud technology for rapid, safe data collection for architecture, without the need for GPS  

Leading Architecture organisations use GeoSLAM for:



Architects may traditionally rely on surveyors to complete scans of properties, which can be expensive and time consuming.



Taking traditional static equipment to a large site isn’t convenient as multiple scans and site visits are required.



From easy to use data capture, to full integration with existing workflows and software. 

Operational optimisation

Operational optimization

Easy to adopt technology to benefit every part of the production cycle, without the need for a surveyor.

Why GeoSLAM?

  • Save significant time when capturing information about buildings
  • Everything you need in one visit
  • Easy to use, no need to outsource your data capture
  • Robust and accurate LiDAR hardware that can be used in low light and poor weather
  • Automatic data processing using GeoSLAM Connect

GeoSLAM in action

“These are such amazing products. Saves so much time in measuring houses”.

Corey Jackson

Owner, Architectural Drafting & Design LLC

“What really stood out was the quality of information captured, which was easily incorporated into a BIM representation using REVIT software. The device was really easy to handle and it was remarkable how much detail we were able to capture in the point clouds. It enabled us to achieve a level of accuracy that would have been impossible with manual techniques.”

Jose Vargas

Jose Vargas

BIM Technology Consultant,
Paragram architecture and consulting

“The first improvement with the GeoSLAM laser scanner was time saving, you’re just walking at a relaxed pace through the building, and its doing the magic for you as far as capturing all of that data.
I don’t think that I’ve ever had one project where I got all the information that I needed, that’s another attractive piece about the GeoSLAM, that you can take one tool out into the field and get everything that you needed.
For us GeoSLAM was the perfect fit for architecture.”

Jordan JD Dixon

Jordan JD Dixon

Architect, Project Manager, SLA Architects

Case Studies

Builders by Design, UK

Industry: Construction, engineering and architecture
Residential property
Scan time:
6 – 8 scans per day

Which ZEB
is right for you?

ZEB Horizon

I scan mostly indoors or in underground mines and caves as I have an IP64 rating. I’m used for applications such as construction/BIM or creating floorplans. I have a range of 30m and can also be used outdoors.


I have real time processing which means I visualise the scan as you move.
I scan mostly indoors and used for applications such as construction/BIM or creating floorplans.

ZEB Horizon

 I scan indoors but can also be used outdoors and have a longer range of 100m.
I can collect data using a UAV or vehicle.

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