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GeoSLAM for students, academics and educational institutions

Inspire the next generation of architects, engineers and surveyors with GeoSLAM’s mobile mapping solutions. Take advantage of a generous educational discount package and get started with SLAM today.

Ultimate Flexibility

GeoSLAM solutions can be used by multiple departments for different projects.

Ease of Use

Students can be up and running quickly with our simple to use technology


Educational discount makes our SLAM accessible for all institutions

Meet the ZEB Family


Strong academic record

Our ZEB Family of handheld scanners are used by educational institutions around the world. From geology to geography, remote sensing and civil engineering – GeoSLAM units can be found in different departments on campus.

Accessible to students and academics, as well as maintainance and facilities staff, our SLAM solutions are easy to use and can produce pointclouds in a mater of minutes.

GeoSLAM data is compatible with third party software programmes widely used in academic environments and exportable file formats include LAZ/LAS/PLY/TXT/e57.

University of Arizona goes west

The 3D scanning team from U of A descended on Old Tuscon to scan the world famous film studios featured in many Hollywood cowboy blockbusters. They captured the entire downtown set, all in a day’s work with the ZEB Horizon.

Smithsonian Institution calls on GeoSLAM

GeoSLAM were called on by a visiting professor from Virginia Tech university to scan and recreate World War I trenches as part of an immersive exhibition for a digitisation conference.

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