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GeoSLAM for Media and Entertainment

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From ski slopes and sports stadiums to television programmes and media events, GeoSLAM is the perfect example of how technology can enhance any project.

GeoSLAM devices have an almost infinite number of uses for every industry. We love having the opportunity to collaborate and use GeoSLAM’s mobile mapping solutions for projects from mapping sports stadiums, showcasing solutions on television programmes and creating maps of ski slopes.

The ZEB Family of handheld or mounted scanners have been used on a wide range of entertainment and media applications. From mapping out facilities, scanning lost cities or plotting out landscapes, we have been able to assist by providing tailored support for any challenge.

By collaborating with GeoSLAM, not only will you get access to our scanners but you will also find a wide range of solutions that can be adapted or tailored to suit the needs of your project. Our team will be on hand to assist with any questions right from the start all the way through to the data analysis and application stage.

Featured in:

Projects using GeoSLAM

Case Study: Deep Time 40 experiment

Our ZEB Horizon was used to help map out the underground cave network in the ground breaking Deep Time 40 experiment in France.

15 researchers embarked on a mission to live in the famous cave system, Grotte de Lombrives. The purpose of the experiment was to try to understand the difference between the perception of time and its reality.

Case Study: Investigating an Ancient Temple with National Geographic

In this episode of Lost Cities, Dr. Albert Lin is exploring the ancient architecture of the Nabateans, and recreates one of their lost cities using lidar. The ZEB Horizon was mounted to a drone to capture point cloud data from above, covering a large space in a short amount of time.

Case Study: Visualskies for National Geographic

Our ZEB Horizon was used by Visualskies, a company that focuses on aerial technology to provide surveying and photographic services for the construction, heritage and film/tv sectors. Whilst working on a project for National Geographic, they needed to find a way to unearth ancient cities now covered in thick jungle – choosing the ZEB horizon due to it’s UAV mounting capabilities.

Case Study: Arena Fonte Nova Stadium

Entertainment facilities can use GeoSLAM solutions for space management, risk assessments and construction projects. The ZEB Horizon was used to capture data in the Arena Fonte Nova Stadium in Brazil in two sections – at pitch level and the top tier. Walking at normal speed and holding the device, he was able to capture the entire 48,000 capacity stadium in less than an hour without needing to gain access to hazardous areas like the roof.

Case Study: Unexplained and Unexplored

The perfect tool for any kind of exploration and analysis, our ZEB Horizon was used on the programme Unexplained and Unexplored in their episode on finding the Fountain of Youth. Collaborating with GeoSLAM gave the film team the ability to scan key areas for their exploration and aid in their discovery, ensuring they could stick to their schedule and minimise scanning time due to the increased scanning speed compared to other handheld scanners.

Case Study: Surveying Germany’s deepest underwater cave

Not only can the ZEB Horizon be used in the skies, but it can also go deep underground. Research diver and underwater archaeologist, Florian Huber, used the ZEB Horizon to survey the so-called treasure chamber in the Wimsen Cave, Germany’s deepest underwater cave.

The expedition featured in the documentary “Secrets from the Deep” of the successful science programme Terra X in the ZDFmediathek.

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