Create clean, georeferenced point clouds automatically with GeoSLAM Connect

Powered by the world’s leading SLAM algorithm alongside 3D visualisation of your data, additional processing and filtering, workflow automation tools and integration into third party software applications.  With the press of one button, your data will be automatically processed, saved in a folder of your choice, and prepared for the next step of your workflow.


What you get with GeoSLAM Connect

SLAM Environmental Pre-sets

Common data capture scenarios, such as UAV, outdoor, indoor, linear, and vehicle, have been characterised in Connect and data processing pre-sets for each environment have been defined. These can be selected at the beginning of the data processing stage allowing this process to be highly simplified.

Stop and Go Georeferencing

Known control points are captured during a scan and automatically compared and matched to the associated coordinates during the processing stage in Connect. A rigid and/or a non-rigid adjustment can be made to the dataset and an accuracy report is exported, highlighting how successful the transformation was.

Automated Workflows
Data Import
Data Filtering
Data Management

Closed and Open Loop Georeferencing

Both methods match the scan data from a ZEB Locate system with the GPS data collected from the antenna to georeference the point cloud. When a scan starts and ends in the same place, this is classed as “closed loop”. “Open loop” is when the start and end position of a scan are in different locations. Standard SLAM practices apply to both methods of data collection.

Open Loop SLAM for the ZEB Locate is available on request – let’s talk about it.

Stop and Go Alignment

Common static points are captured during several scans meaning that these datasets can be automatically aligned. A single point cloud is then exported as if the data was captured in a single scan.

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Connect comes
as standard

With every ZEB sold, GeoSLAM Connect is part of the package.

The after sales package to get the most from your ZEB products. GeoSLAM Care comes as standard with every ZEB where you’ll be entitled to:

  • Hardware Support – Up to 3 years hardware warranty to ensure your ZEB is always performing at its best.
  • Remote Software Support – Unlimited software support from our expert engineers.
  • Software Updates – Access to new software releases and all the latest features.

Introducing GeoSLAM Beam

The next generation SLAM algorithm powering Connect

What is SLAM?

Simultaneous Localisation And Mapping – it’s essentially complex algorithms that map an unknown environment. SLAM means the data doesn’t need to use GPS co-ordinates, and so places that are traditionally hard to reach with GPS (like inside buildings and underground) are easy with GeoSLAM.

What makes our SLAM the best?

The SLAM technology used inside GeoSLAM products is developed and continually enhanced by some of the smartest people on the planet.

Our mobile LiDAR scanners make it really simple to scan – whether it’s outdoor to indoor or outdoor to underground, transitioning between environments is easy. Once your data is captured, it is then processed using GeoSLAM Beam.

What you can expect from GeoSLAM Beam

  • Accuracy – Our SLAM algorithm enables GeoSLAM scanners to achieve a level of accuracy that meets mapping requirements and exceeds other SLAM based mapping systems using the Velodyne VLP-16 sensor. Take a look at the Accuracy Report to learn more.
  • GeoSLAM Beam – The next generation SLAM algorithm that powers Connect.
  • Robust and reliable – Tried and tested in the hardest to scan environments. Indoors, outdoors and underground.
  • Data quality enhancements Tools and filters to automatically create clean, accurate point clouds.
  • The most successful SLAM for mapping Used by thousands of businesses around the world, it won’t let you down.
  • Powerful software Connect is next generation SLAM software with new features and filters and comes as standard with any new ZEB product or GeoSLAM Care subscription.
  • Environment pre-sets Optimised SLAM processing to suit your capture environment.
  • Pushing the boundaries of SLAM – Do more with your ZEB with open loop data capture now possible and easier than ever to georeference your data. GeoSLAM Beam performs well walking, on robots, cars, scooters, bikes and even boats. Try it for yourself.

Accuracy Report

We investigate the accuracy of GeoSLAM ZEB handheld laser scanners by determining differences in point cloud measurements. We use two methods to determine accuracy. The first method involves point-to-point measurements, and the second method compares the complete point clouds.

The results show that GeoSLAM systems compare favourably in comparison to stationary measurements with traditional LiDAR based survey instruments and exceeds other SLAM based mapping systems using the Velodyne VLP-16 sensor.

Meet the ZEB family of LiDAR scanners

GeoSLAM Connect and Beam comes as standard with each new ZEB purchase and is compatible
with the entire ZEB family current range of mapping solutions.


Handheld laser scanning for everyone


Scan, process and track your progress
as you go

ZEB Horizon
ZEB Horizon

The ultimate mobile mapping tool

ZEB Discovery
ZEB Discovery

Rapid, urban, mobile mapping

ZEB Locate
ZEB Locate

Georeference your point cloud

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 Need help with Connect?
Need help with Connect?

If you need help getting started with Connect, you can find lots of resources on GeoSLAM Academy, which is free for any GeoSLAM user.

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