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GeoSLAM Connect

Create clean, georeferenced point clouds automatically with GeoSLAM Connect
Powered by the world’s leading SLAM algorithm alongside 3D visualisation of your data, additional processing and filtering, workflow automation tools and integration into third party software applications.

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Why GeoSLAM Connect?

With the press of one button, your GeoSLAM data will be automatically processed in GeoSLAM Connect, saved in a folder of your choice, and prepared for the next step of your workflow.

  • In-source your data collection and never be sat waiting for results again. You’re in control
  • An intuitive interface makes it easy to view multiple point clouds simultaneously
  • Data is processed using our next generation SLAM algorithm, GeoSLAM Beam
  • Pre-defined workflows for common data capture scenarios
  • Export your point cloud data in a range of formats, including LAS, PLY, TXT and E57
  • Take your GeoSLAM data into 3rd party software’s such as Revit or ESRI

GeoSLAM Connect Features

RGB Colourisation

RGB Colourisation Connect 2.3 Update

RGB colourisation is achieved using the ZEB Vision accessory with the ZEB Horizon. The workflow is divided into four simple processes: Process SLAM, Image Stitching, Image Positioning, and Colourisation. These procedures can be completed within the GeoSLAM Connect interface without the need for separate geoscripts. Users can now calibrate the ZEB Vision hardware from within Connect.

Data Classifiers

Data Classifiers

GeoSLAM Connect has a range of filtering tools to help users get the best results from their data. These include outlier removal, surface noise reduction and removal of unwanted points, all of which make point clouds look cleaner and more defined. All of these tools are accessible within the Connect interface and can be applied to any dataset.

Reflective Target GeoreferencingNew to Connect 2.3

Reflective Target Georeferencing
New to Connect 2.3

Automatically georeference point clouds using reflective targets. These targets are positioned throughout the scanned area on known points and are detected during the scanning process. In GeoSLAM Connect, these targets are identified and matched with control points to locate the point cloud in the real world.

Reflective Target AlignmentNew to Connect 2.3

Reflective Target Alignment
New to Connect 2.3

Align two point clouds using common reflective targets captured within the scans. Targets will be automatically found in the scanned areas and used to align the point clouds in Connect.

More features

Click each icon to learn more

GeoSLAM Connect - Floor slices

Floor slices

GeoSLAM Connect - Change Detection

Change detection

GeoSLAM Connect - Queued Processing

Queued Processing

GeoSLAM Connect - Data exports

Data Exports
Connect 2.3 Update

GeoSLAM Connect - slam environmental pre-sets

SLAM Environmental

GeoSLAM Connect - stop and go georeferencing

Stop and Go
Connect 2.3 Update

GeoSLAM Connect - stop and go alignment

Stop and Go

GeoSLAM Connect - manual alignment

Manual Alignment
Connect 2.3 Update

Take your GeoSLAM data further

Get more from your point cloud data by taking it into GeoSLAM Draw or third party software.

GeoSLAM Draw

GeoSLAM Draw is an optional add-on software and comes in configured industry packages. Create projects directly from GeoSLAM Connect, elevate your point clouds in a few clicks and share them easily with colleagues and clients for detailed collaborations.

Third Party Integrations

GeoSLAM is built for flexibility. Whether you need to create 3D models or use the data for mine planning, take your point cloud to new places with many different third party software’s, including but not limited to, Revit, Micromine, Floorplanner, ESRI and Terrasolid.

Accuracy Report

With a robust SLAM algorithm that is continually enhanced and tested in some of the toughest environments, you can quickly capture the data you need, accurately.

Explore the accuracy of GeoSLAM laser scanners in our latest report.

Meet the ZEB family of LiDAR scanners

GeoSLAM Connect comes as standard with every ZEB purchase.
Our mobile LiDAR scanners make it simple to scan – whether it’s outdoor to indoor or outdoor to underground.

ZEB Horizon
ZEB Horizon
ZEB Horizon RT
ZEB Horizon RT

What’s included with a ZEB?

In addition to our leading software platform, GeoSLAM Connect, with every ZEB purchase you will receive a GeoSLAM Care package and access to My GeoSLAM to ensure you get the most from your ZEB solution.

GeoSLAM Care

The after sales package to get the most from your ZEB products.

You’ll be entitled to all the latest software updates and new features, unlimited software support and up to 3 years hardware warranty.


The home of all supporting materials for GeoSLAM products​.

Access to a range of materials and resources such as user guides, best practice videos, webinars and troubleshooting articles.

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