Automate your point cloud processing

Time spent processing geospatial data, is time better spent elsewhere.

Connect takes the pain away from the often time consuming, repetitive nature of processing geospatial data, with the option of applying automated analytics to your data for true end-to-end analysis.

Work smarter with Connect; automated point cloud processing with smart analytics.

Connect uses the worlds leading SLAM algorithm, alongside 3D visualisation of your data, additional processing and filtering, workflow automation tools and integration into third party software applications. With the press of one button, your data will be automatically processed, saved in a folder of your choice, and prepared for the next step of your workflow.

Next generation LiDAR
processing software

Automate your 3D data processing

Results are automatically calculated using pre-defined workflows, or advanced users can write their own custom processing instructions. ZEB data can be set to automatically upload to a specific folder, and when new data arrives the workflow will automatically begin. Simple, automated, customisable.

Collect the data you need, when you need it

In-source your data collection and never be sat waiting for results again. You’re in control.

Connect is compatible with the ZEB family of products.

Powerful workflows scripts

Not only does Connect use the world’s strongest SLAM algorithm, behind its simple interface are customisable workflow scripts. These scrips tell Connect how to process the data, and where to save the finished datasets.

Data storage and ownership

Choose where you want your processed data to be stored – it could be on a company network, or in a project collaboration tool like Google Drive, Dalux, BIM360 or Viewpoint 4projects.

You own all of the data, always.

Popular features

3D Viewer

Create and manage projects, select the default processing workflow, create reports and visualise your data. The SLAM results generated from automated workflows are viewable in the 3D viewer for easy visualisation and interpretation of your data.

Once the data has been processed, a pointcloud is created. This is your digital model of your scan, and can be used to create more information, take measurements / calculations or be turned into BIM models. Pointclouds can be coloured by time, elevation, RGB or a user defined single colour. 

Data captured with the GeoSLAM app can include images, notes or voice notes. Data captured in the app will be displayed in the 3D viewer as a series of ‘hotspots’ that the user can select to see the app data. This can really help with the interpretation of a pointcloud, and sharing information within a company.


The new GeoSLAM app integrates photos, notes and voice notes, alongside custom asset tags while capturing data. The smartphone data is then processed and located inside the point cloud data to provide an additional set of data to help interpret point clouds.


Once your data is captured, it is then processed using our
leading SLAM algorithm.

SLAM means the data doesn’t need to use GPS co-ordinates, and so places that are traditionally hard to reach with GPS (like inside buildings and underground) are easy with GeoSLAM. 

Connect provides full automation of SLAM data processing from all ZEB scanners. Commonly used data export options are stored as default workflows to simplify the creation of pointclouds from .geoslam files. You can also import multiple .geoslam files at the same time, for sequential processing.

Workflow scripts

Select the raw .geoslam data and any additional data that you want to include e.g photos or voice notes from the GeoSLAM phone app and the results will be automatically calculated, based on the workflow script chosen. 

Use pre-defined workflows, configured to run automatically when new data arrives in the watcher folder. 

Advanced users will be able to customise their workflow scripts, and our team of Solution Architects can help to make sure the scripts are set up to give you the information you want.

GeoSLAM Buildings

Find out more about our Connect based solutions.

Construction Progress

Automatically generate clear progress reports with visualisations that show you the build progress made on site.


deliver accurate, fast, and repeatable floorplans with an easy-to-understand workflow, helping businesses to unlock hidden value in their commercial real estate assets.

We’re always there, with GeoSLAM Care

All new ZEB systems come with at least 1 year of GeoSLAM Care, our industry leading after sales package, with GeoSLAM Care you’ll get:

  • Unlimited access to our team of support engineers
  • GeoSLAM Connect software updates
  • Early access to new product releases
  • Free extended hardware warranty

How to buy

Connect is sold via our network of 80 dealers, you can find your local dealer here, or contact us using the form below. All ZEB products now come with Connect as standard, and you can choose to buy add-on modules like Floorplans or Construction Progress.

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