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Laser scanning for everyone

If you’re looking for a reliable way to map and understand spaces, meet the ZEB Go handheld 3D scanner.

Handheld 3D laser scanning made simple

This state-of-the-art scanning technology allows you to take geospatial measurements quickly, easily and with accuracy you can rely on. It’s a small and portable 3D scanner using LiDAR technology. 

The ZEB Go is your first step in SLAM handheld 3D scanning technology. It’s user-friendly and captures great quality data at high speed. Whether it’s the first time you’ve looked at digital surveying, or you want each of your sites equipped with the smartest SLAM, the ZEB Go is the solution for you.

Specifications and Features

Not all handheld 3D scanners are the same. Our portable scanner uses LiDAR (light detection and ranging) technology so you can scan and map with ease. Here’s the low-down on the ZEB Go.

Points per second



30 meters

Relative accuracy

1 – 3cm

Protection class

IP 64

With 43,000 scanner points per second, it’s fast work scanning both simple and complex environments. You can carry out high-quality scans in less time.


Create a 3D scan of an indoor, outdoor, or even underground environment. The ZEB Go scanning solution will allow you to create a professional 3D model of any environment including its objects.


The ZEB Go provides 3D scanning with a relative accuracy of 1-3cm dependant on the environment. This gives you accurate scans and fine details.


Light weight and portable, you can move freely whilst using this device. This portable 3D scanner features a rotating LiDAR sensor for the widest field of view. Its compact size and ergonomic design make it a delight to use.

“Go-anywhere” 3D mobile mapping technology

With powerful SLAM technology at its heart (we call it GeoSLAM Beam), the ZEB Go can be used in areas with poor GPS – such as indoors, underground or outdoors.

Build a highly accurate 3D model within minutes

One handheld 3D scanner
so many ways to use it

Integrate with other technologies, software and solutions to capture more with your handheld 3D scanner. The ZEB Go is a complete 3D scanning solution for accurate, high quality and professional results.

The ZEB Go can be paired with one of our many mounting options. Elevate or lower your ZEB into difficult spaces like ceiling voids and manholes with the cradle or pole.

3D Scanning for professional applications

Our high accuracy ZEB Go handheld 3d scanner is ideal for a whole range of industries. Anywhere you need accurate 3D measurement, the ZEB Go can help. Portable 3D scanners are ideal solutions for smaller spaces, scanning objects, hard to get to areas, and even underground. You only need one device for an entire range of scanning situations.

The 30m range and IP64 rating make the ZEB Go ideal for indoor or underground use. This 3D scanning device is suitable for a wide range of applications like:









Taking 3D scans using light technology is an accurate and fast way to get high-quality data. Using a LiDAR 3D scanner for industrial purposes like mine inspection and quality control can increase safety, reduce time and cost. Scan objects like buildings or landmarks with ease.

Our 3D scanning technology is market-leading, and it comes at a great price too. You’ll find this professional scanner becomes one of your essential tools in no time.

3D scanners powered by
next generation SLAM technology

Create clean, georeferenced point clouds automatically with FARO Connect

With the press of one button, your data will be automatically processed, saved in a folder of your choice, and prepared for the next step of your workflow. Connect comes as standard with all our ZEB 3D laser scanners.

All photographs and data you capture are yours to own and manage – keeping it safe, simple and secure.

GeoSLAM data is compatible with software that works for you with universal file formats (LAZ/LAS/PLY/TXT/e57).

Sample data from our ZEB Go handheld 3D scanner

Click the links below to view ZEB Go data in our online viewer.

Spiral Bridge
Spiral Bridge
70m mine tunnel
70m mine tunnel

The ZEB Go handheld 3D scanner in action

See our ZEB Go handheld 3D scanner being used for measurement in a variety of professional settings.

What our customers say

“We have been trialling the ZEB Go on numerous construction sites for a few weeks now. It is extremely easy to use and has been adopted by various colleagues throughout the site. The speed of capture has resulted in us been able to capture a full site in a 1/5th of the time compared to our existing scanner”

“It’s been a few months since my ZEB Go purchase, I wanted to express my utmost satisfaction. Its fast acquisition, guaranteed results, and ease of use are certainly its strongest points. 
In only 4 months, my team has processed over 520 sets of data. 
I’d especially like to thank your IT support team, incredibly helpful.”

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