Make effective short term operational decisions, safely and quickly in newly mined production areas using mobile handheld SLAM data capture and processing.

  • Simple and versatile – Accurate data collection that can be used by anyone, anytime with a simple to use interface and same day results.
  • Ability to scan more frequently – Data collection can be carried out as often as needed, providing up-to-date maps of progress to compare to plan.  
  • Georeferencing – A mining to plan workflow where the data is georeferenced, but collected in a simpler and faster way.
  • Easily integrated into existing systems – Universal file formats for 3rd party software including Micromine, Deswik, and most leading mining software. 
  • Fast – Rapid capture that doesn’t hold up production, saving both time and money.  

If the excavation was right next to the office, you could capture an excavation and have the volume change in CAD in 1-1.5 hours.
– Pierre Gouws, Mine Surveyor
Pierre Gouws, Mine Surveyor​​

How does progress production mapping work?

It starts with SLAM

Safely and quickly move into newly mined production areas where new information is needed rapidly.

2. Process

Transfer the data to a computer, and GeoSLAM’s smart data platform, Connect will automatically start to process the data.


View your 3D data in the GeoSLAM Connect viewer to understand the environment and ensure that all the areas were captured effectively.

4. Manage

Use the exported data in any 3rd party system for further analysis by using cross sections, creating mesh or solids and comparing to a design. GeoSLAM data is seamlessly used and integrated into 3rd party software such as Micromine, Deswik and other leading software packages.​

Third Party Software

Using GeoSLAM allows you to import your processed data from Connect into your existing mining software applications. This means you can optimise the data exactly the way you need it, without the cost of purchasing specific software and the hassle of learning a new system. Most leading mining software is compatible, including:

Trusted by thousands of companies, including:

Production Progress Mapping using GeoSLAM

Mapping the Underground World: Critical Technology for Intelligent Mines

The last decade has seen the rollercoaster of highs and lows in the mining sector; and the volatility is likely to continue. While digital tools are readily available that help mining decision-makers do the job better, faster, safer and more cost effectively, there are still many businesses slow to embrace transformative practices. With change being a constant, forward- thinking mining operators need to embrace digital technology and drive innovation, or risk being left behind.

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Learn more about our ZEB scanners

ZEB Horizon


Used mostly for scanning indoors or in underground mines and caves with an IP64 rating. Can be used outdoors and has a range of 30m.


ZEB Horizon

 The most flexible of the ZEB family with a range of accessories. Can be used to scan indoors and outdoors with a longer range of 100m.

The after sales package to get the most from your ZEB products

GeoSLAM Care comes as standard with each new product, and is a comprehensive after sales package where you’ll be entitled to:

  • Hardware support – Up to 3 years hardware warranty to ensure your ZEB is always performing at its best.
  • Remote Software Support – Unlimited software support from our expert engineers.
  • Software Updates – Access to new software releases and all the latest features.
A resource library for all your user needs

GeoSLAM Academy hosts all the resources and materials you need to get the most from your ZEB, and it’s free to any GeoSLAM user. Here’s some of the resources you’ll have access to:

  • Hardware and software user guides
  • Training videos
  • Best practice guidelines
  • How to use GeoSLAM data with third party software
  • Webinar recordings


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