Meet the ZEB Revo RT

Scan, process and track your progress as you go

100m Range

View data in real time

Indoors and Outdoors

Mounting options

Go anywhere

Go anywhere

“Go-anywhere” 3D mobile mapping technology 

Handheld, lightweight and easy to use, the ZEB Revo RT allows you to rapidly build highly accurate 3D models within minutes, while on the move.

The complete solution that allows you to start mapping the world around you today with any WiFi enabled device. Scan, visualise and process simultaneously, as you walk

Powered by next generation SLAM

Create clean, georeferenced point clouds automatically with GeoSLAM Connect.

With the press of one button, your data will be automatically processed, saved in a folder of your choice, and prepared for the next step of your workflow.

GeoSLAM data is compatible with software that works for you with universal file formats (LAZ/LAS/PLY/TXT/e57). Learn more about third party integrations here.

The ZEB Revo RT in action

See your 3D model as you walk

One tool.
So many ways to use it.

Cradle Accessories
ZEB Pano

Use the ZEB Pano for adding 360° imagery for indoor property surveys and real estate applications.

Pole Accessories

 For colourised point cloud and referenced photos.

Drone Accessories
Cradle & Pole

Elevate or lower your ZEB Revo RT into difficult spaces like ceiling voids and manholes.

Remote Access
Remote Access

Real time remote data capture for robotic navigation via an API control. 

“Using the equipment, we were not only impressed with the ease of handling, but also how much detail we were able to capture with the cloud points. With each scan we gathered much more information that was anticipated, such as the registration of structures, beams, roof trusses and engine rooms in areas that would be difficult and time consuming to access. In comparison to our first attempts at the manual survey, it definitely helped deliver adequate accuracy, and improved quality of data in a shorter period of time.”

paragram logo

Jose Vargas

BIM Technology Consultant, Paragram

that works for you.

Import into your preferred CAD programme or mine planning software, the ZEB Revo RT is as flexible as you are.  

Why not try GeoSLAM Connect, plus Draw which allows users to quickly extract floorplans and sections from point cloud data. 

See some sample data

Paragram, Brazil

Industry: Architecture
Scanned: Skyscraper
Scan time: 10 hours
Size: 8,357 sq/m

Glencore, Ontario

Industry: Conservation
Scanned: Base metal mine
Scan time: 15 mins per scan

 Zien 24, Netherlands

Industry: Real Estate
Scanned: Residential and commercial property
Scan time: 5000 properties in 5 months
Size: 15 mins per scan

Entropy Group, USA

Industry: Security
Scanned: Schools
Time: Response time reduced by 21%
Size: 98,200 institutions

University of Liverpool , UK

Industry: Forestry
Scanned: Eden Project
Scan time: 10 mins per scan
Size: 1km in length

Builders by Design , UK

Industry: Construction and Architecture
Scanned: Residential property
Scan time: 6-8 scans per day

LIDA Surveyors , Denmark

Industry: Facilities Management
Scanned: Airport luggage facility
Scan time: 10 minutes
Size: 5,400 sq/m

Beck Engineering, Australia

Industry: Mining
Scanned: Mine tunnel

Choate Construction , USA

Industry: Surveying
Scanned: Apartment buildings
Scan time: 7 mins per scan
Size: 111,000 sq/ft

Which ZEB
is right for you?

ZEB Horizon

Real-time processing which means you can visualise the scan as you move. Has a range of 30m and IP51 rating. Used mostly for scanning indoors and utilised for applications such as construction/BIM or creating floorplans.

You’ve just read all about me so why not find your nearest GeoSLAM dealer and enquire?


Used mostly for scanning indoors or in underground mines and caves with an IP64 rating. Can be used for applications such as construction/BIM or creating floorplans. Can be used outdoors and has a range of 30m.

ZEB Horizon

The most flexible of the ZEB family with a range of accessories which makes it suitable for lots of different applications. Can be used to scan indoors and outdoors with a longer range of 100m. Collect data using a UAV or vehicle, or pair with a backpack and GPS antenna for precise location positioning.

The after sales package to get the most from your ZEB products

GeoSLAM Care comes as standard with each new product, and is a comprehensive after sales package where you’ll be entitled to:

  • Hardware support – Up to 3 years hardware warranty to ensure your ZEB is always performing at its best.
  • Remote Software Support – Unlimited software support from our expert engineers.
  • Software Updates – Access to new software releases and all the latest features.
A resource library for all your user needs

GeoSLAM Academy hosts all the resources and materials you need to get the most from your ZEB, and it’s free to any GeoSLAM user. Here’s some of the resources you’ll have access to:

  • Hardware and software user guides
  • Training videos
  • Best practice guidelines
  • How to use GeoSLAM data with third party software
  • Webinar recordings

Click here to find out more.

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