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The most versatile SLAM system now with a real-time data preview

Capture with confidence with the ZEB Horizon RT by visualising data in real-time.

Get a real-time preview during your data capture with ZEB Horizon RT

Make mapping simple. See where you have scanned in real-time as you walk for peace of mind before you leave site.

Specifications and Features

If you want ultimate confidence in your data capture method, the ZEB Horizon RT is the solution for you.
Here’s the low-down on the ZEB Horizon RT:


With 300,000 scanner points per second, it’s fast work scanning both simple and complex environments. You can carry out high-quality scans in less time.


Gain real-time insight into your scan, see the areas you’ve covered (or missed) and the route you’ve taken before you leave site.


The ZEB Horizon provides 3D scanning with a survey grade relative accuracy of up to 6mm dependant on the environment. This gives you accurate scans and fine details.


With a range of 100m, the ZEB Horizon is our most flexible 3D laser scanner yet. Use it outdoors, indoors or underground. Mount it to a drone, a backpack or a vehicle.

ZEB Horizon RT FAQs

Which ZEB laser scanner is right for you?

 ZEB Horizon
ZEB Horizon

With a range of 100m, the ZEB Horizon is great for outdoor use. Its lightweight and compact design also make it perfect for indoor surveys.


If you’re looking for a reliable way to map and understand spaces, meet the ZEB Go – your first step in SLAM handheld technology.

 ZEB Revo RT

Handheld, lightweight and easy to use, the ZEB Revo RT allows you to build highly accurate 3D models within minutes, while on the move.

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